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My name is Michelle and I am the publisher and creative mind behind Sparkle Me Pink.
Sparkle Me Pink or SMP for short, is a beauty, bargains and lifestyle blog based out of Phoenix, Arizona.
I am the mom of 2 spunky kids, 2 adorable fur babies and have one amazingly supportive boyfriend. I have a passion for anything and everything related to cosmetics, baking, crafting, finding a great deal and working on inner beauty.

How Sparkle Me Pink began.

After moving to Arizona from New York in 2007, I started getting messages from friends and family back home asking for product recommendations and current favorites. I found myself answering the same questions and thought there must be an easier way to get everything out that I want to say. To everyone who wants to hear it. All in one place. And so in 2012, Sparkle Me Pink was born.

Since then, this platform has grown to include authentic blog posts, bubbly YouTube videos and quirky 'everyday' social media posts.

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My dream for Sparkle Me Pink is to create an inspirational environment. One where everyone feels beautiful and confident with who they are on the inside and out.

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How my love for genuine beauty began.

My love for beauty started when I was a little girl. I remember my very first makeup kit. I kept it stored away in a light pink with a green handled plastic Caboodle filled with plastic play makeup and perfectly styled Barbies. I was lucky enough to grow up with my two gorgeous younger sisters. Meaning fashion shows, makeovers and 'music videos were definitely a regular occurrence in our household.

My mom is quite the book worm. My sisters and I were always in some sort of book store or library with her. As a teen used to borrow books from dermatology, to the history of make up and how to technique books. I still recall panning through, Bobbi Brown's Teenage Beauty Book and writing notes in, of course, a sparkly pink notebook However, even as I progressed with my experimenting, blending of colors and new techniques. I still felt like I was lacking a bit in one particular area, confidence. It wasn't until after I had my own children that realized how much my inner beauty and self worth effected my confidence. I started focusing on strengthening these aspects of myself and soon found having confidence in myself made me more radiant than any cosmetic ever did.

I was also bitten my the bargaining at a very young age. My mom was and still is the queen of frugality. Her crafty sense of affordable, tactful style made deal hunting and thrift shopping a fun experience. I remember being on vacation to the Rhode Island shore and bringing home a busted up long wooden coffee table she pulled out of the dumpster Cleaned up and refinished the delicate ornate coffee table still holds its purpose in her home. Her perpetual ability to see the beauty in something that is old, used and ugly and turn it into a functional piece of art really motivates and inspires me.

In all, I hope you learn something new today about yourself and 'click away from Sparkle Me Pink with a clearer vision of what true beauty really is.

You are wonderfully beautiful, inside and out. 

Feel free to email me directly with any suggestions & questions at sparklemepink88@gmail.com

Happy Sparkling !!

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