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SPRING 2021 FabFitFun ALL of the Customization Options

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HERE WE GO !!!!!

Our first FabFitFun box of 2021 and I am hearing mixed reviews about it. I'll leave little tidbits of my thoughts on the items BUT I am curious to hear your feedback. Feel free to comment below or join me on my socials, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook

A few weeks ago my FabFitFun rep sent over this gorgeous glass and gold terrarium piece filled with beauty products that would either be a part of the Add-on Sale or as customization options for the Spring box. So I gave each one a try and will share a mini review along with my thoughts as they are mentioned down below. 

Now the main reason they sent out this product preview was to highlight FabFitFun's NEW Beauty Standard. Which includes a list of ingredients that will not be found in the skin care, makeup, hair care and body products in their boxes or sales starting Spring 2021.

As an esthetician, I appreciate this movement towards BETTER products and am looking forward to see what all will be popping up n the coming seasons boxes and sales. 

As for the dates when the SPRING 2021 customizations and the Add-On sale will begin. It looks like there are two windows to be mindful of. One is for the SELECT (annual) members and the other is for SEASONAL members. 

Add-Ons Feb. 4
Customization Feb. 5

Add-Ons Feb. 18
Customization Feb. 19

Just a reminder. SEASONAL members pick the first 3 products whereas SELECT members choose 5 products. 

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ON TO the customization options ... 

Options for Customization One

Perricone MD Rejuvenating Moisturizer
I havent had personal experience with this product. But I have enjoyed using other Perricone products. I am considering adding this to my annual box. 

Alice + Olivia Daisy Duffel Bag
While I probably could go for another duffel bag. The print of this is a miss for me. 

Milk Makeup Watermelon Bundle
LOVE. These two were sent in the PR preview terrarium. The serum is a small bottle but I have used it for about 2 weeks and barely notice a dent in it. It hasn't cause irritation of my currently super sensitive prego skin. But I haven't seen any wild results either. Feels jelly and light weight. I like it. The mask. SO so so easy to apply. Leave on for a few minutes and rinse off to smooth brightened refreshed skin. 

Monroé Sunburst Solérose Watch
I am not a watch person. I wear a FitBit that helps me keep time / set timers etc. I am skipping this product but it is pretty and neutral in tone. 

 Jenni Kayne Water Hyacinth Tray
I requested this for my PR box. But I don't think I am planning to use it the way you would LOL! I am planning to put down a blanket and snuggle the baby up in this for some cute pictures. 

Short Stories LED Indoor Planter With Market Leaf Basil Seeds
I dont have a green thumb BUT I am intrigued by this and will be choosing this for my annual box.

Options for Customization Two

Our Place Layered Lunch Box with Clips + Utensils
I may add this to my annual box. I am hoping to better about meal prepping with being home with the baby. I assume this could only help. I own Our Place plates and cooking pan. I LOVE them !!!!!!

Splendid Pink Faux Fur Slippers (S/M) or (M/L)
Um yea ..... I 100% requested these for my PR box and will probably add them on to my annual box because I burn through slippers like crazy. I MUST HAVE THESE !

Steel Mill Co. To-Do Planning Bundle
This looks super cute and would totally help you keep tasks and appointments organized.

Billion Dollar Brows 6pc Pro Brush Essentials Kit

I am not getting this but that only because I own most of them already. Crazy soft !

Gaiam Studio Select Ultimate Core Toning Kit

Personally, I am debating on whether to get this kit. Will I use it? It looks cool and helpful. And I know FabFitFun has workouts in their FFF TV section online ... I probably SHOULD get this ...

MAC Lipstick Duo

Mac lipsticks are a classic. I am skipping these only because I just decluttered 90% of my lip products and am trying to keep a minimal stock.

Josie Maran 100 % Pure Argan Oil

This came in the PR preview terrarium. I am finding this to feel amazing when applied to elbows and knees right after showering. But really you can use this oil in so many different ways. For your cuticles, ends if hair, scalp - for dandruff relief, as a top coat to your night time skincare routine and so on.

Options for Customization Three

Verso Botanicals Super Eye Serum

Bloomingville Woven Seagrass Coasters

Probably choosing these for my annual box. Simply because Im into this wicker woven vibe lately and these are just the cutest!

Joy Dravecky Chloe Ring

Requested this for my PR box. I love me a pretty right hand ring !!!!! Now to paint my nails ...

Alice + Olivia Reversible Bucket Hat

Just like with the duffel. This is a miss for me. I am all about wide brim hats to cover your face from UV exposure. But yea. I could never see myself wearing this. Could you ??

Gloss Moderne Clean Luxury Hair Masque

WOW wow wow. This products came in the PR preview. I used this for the first time two nights ago. My hair still feels magically soft !!! Its an interesting texture. Feels like you're applying Shea butter to your hair. It does have QUITE a strong fragrance of luxury meets warm amber kinda scent ? But that aside I totally recommend this !

Options for Customization Four ( SELECT Only )

Erno Laszlo Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar
I am not a big fan of bar soaps. I am passing on this option.

Grown Alchemist Body Cream

PURE delight. This product came in the PR preview ... smells refreshing yet earthy. I have been massing my baby belly with this every night. May need to add this to my annual box to have a back up.

Lark & Ives Hair Scarf Bundle
I requested this set for my PR box. I am a sucker for cute hair accessories.

AHAVA Refreshing Facial Cleansing Gel

I can't recall if I have tried this product in the past. But I do keep the Ahava hand cream on my night stand. If that helps you make your decision.

Sorbus Makeup Organizer

Options for Customization Five ( SELECT Only )

Cocofloss Tropical Trio

H Halston Aloe Socks

Like the slippers ... I am all about cozy warm soft feet right now. Choosing this for my annual box.

Summer & Rose Tweezer

PUR Iconic Glow Illuminating Face & Body Dry Oil

With Spring sundresses on the horizon. This may be nice to have on your vanity for your now exposed arms and legs.

Camp Collection Dip Dye Market Tote

I chose this for my PR box because I have really been trying to get rid of using plastic bags whenever possible. I do a lot of online pickup curbside orders more so than going into stores to shop. But I still want to keep this in the car incase I ever need to run in somewhere and need a cute bag for my purchases.

KEEP IN MIND there will be THREE more products in your SPRING 2021 FabFitFun box. They are chosen at random by FFF. Once I have access to knowing what those are I will update this post. 

Are you excited about the Spring choices ?
I want to hear which products you are picking !!!!!

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