Monday, January 6, 2020

5 Common Skincare Mistakes My Clients Are Making

5 Common skincare mistakes! 

While perusing a Facebook beauty group the other day. I found myself reading through a thread of New Years Resolutions. To my surprise, most of the resolutions were about skincare! And I was like, hey, that’s what I do as an esthetician. So I figured, why not create a list of the 5 most common skincare blunders I come across with my clients. 

I am a licensed esthetician in the State of Arizona. I am not a doctor and am unable to diagnose. 

Before we get into the list. Know that it is ok if you are making any of these faux pas. This is why we have this SMP community. To educate and share tips and  tricks with one another. 

Additionally, I could probably go into a 30 minute lecture on each of these 5 topics. If you’re curious to hear about any of these more in depth please let me know in the comment section down below. 

-Not having a skincare routine at all. Having consistency with your skincare routine is how you achieve results. 
This can be broken down even further into clients that don't feel like they need a moisturizer or don’t ‘believe’ in wearing sunscreen. Missing steps in your routine can hold you back from achieving ultimate results. 

 -Not cleansing properly. This is huge! Especially during the evening routine. Going to bed without cleansing the skin ages you!!! And simply using makeup removing wipes isnt enough nor is it good for your skin. Too many harsh surfactants and preservatives staying on the skin while you sleep. Another one I hear a lot is  using a toner to remove excess makeup. Toners are meant to rebalance the pH in the skin. Not remove the day. 

-Confusing types of products and ingredients. For instance knowing the difference and properly using things like toner, essence, tonic & astringent. Another common confusion I hear from clients is knowing when to use a chemical exfoliation verses a physical exfoliatant. Acids tend to cause confusion as well. The most common ones being salicylic, glyolic or lactic and hyaluronic. There are also mandelic, azelaic and ascorbic acids often found in skincare too. All of these do different jobs and are not all equal or even similar in some cases. 

-Using products in the wrong order,  skipping steps or using products during the wrong routine. As a general rule of thumb is it best to always apply products that are lightest in texture and weight to heaviest. A typically routine should look something like this. There are some exceptions but this is a general order of application: cleanse, tone, exfoliate, eyes products, hydrators, spot treat (acne or wrinkles), rejuvenating serums such as antioxidant rich vitamin C in the AM or retinols in the PM, moisturizer, SPF (AM only) or occlusives likes oils (PM)

-Mixing ingredients that deactivate each other or are too harsh together. Which is most commenly seen as those who are either over exfoliating or never exfoliating. Either way the skin barrier is compromised. When your on either end of the spectrum it may cause the skin to be reactive and seem sensitive. If you’re never exfoliating your wasting your money and time on products that aren't seeming to work since they’re sitting on top of a layer of dead dry skin. Start off by using a gentle lactic acid into your routine. If you're over exfoliating the skin will become thin and not strong enough to be full and vibrant. Sometime it can cause you to be super sensitized (which means red) dry patches etc. Exfoliation should be done in a rotation. One day use a chemical exfoliation. Two days later use a physical exfoliation. And so on. 

I hope this generic list of the 5 most common skincare mistakes was helpful. I could easily go more in-depth with several of these topics. Let me know what you want to hear more about ! 

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