Friday, November 29, 2019

What I ACTUALLY Bought on Black Friday

Do I miss the days of waking up at 5am to tackle the crowds to score some deals? 


I couldn't be more grateful for online shopping than I am this week. 

I was able to do a little online browsing in between helping bake Thanksgiving dinner. Then again Friday morning once the gallons of pumpkin pie I ate settled down. 

I am curious to hear what you picked up or are still hunting for a great deal on. 

Below are hyper affiliate links products I ACTUALLY purchased and am not just merely suggesting. Some for the kiddos and some beauty. I was thinking ... how fun would it be to film a Black Friday makeup look ?! 

* For an ALL inclusive list, including the products that aren't linked below because the stores don't participate in the Reward Style platform, check out my new OBSESSEDWITH.IT page for direct links :

Thank you for clicking through these pics and placing an order. I do earn a commission if you do so. 

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