Thursday, July 18, 2019

My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Wish List

To be honest. I have never shopped the Nordstorm Anniversary Sale before. However, I have heard every other blogger and their mom talk about the deals and you know I am all about finding a great bargain.  I decided tonight to scroll through the early access pages. I don't have early access but anyone can see what will be on sale starting, July 18th at midnight. Which brings me to my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Wish List. 

*Links in this post are affiliate links. Thank you for clicking them if you intend to make a purchase as I will earn a small commission. 

After scrolling through a page or two of the sale. I noticed it was very cold weather themed. Which is a bit difficult of a mindset for me to get into right now with it being 115 degrees outside. 

BUT there were some pieces that stuck out to me ... 


I got one of these fuzzy sweaters from Walmart last year and I love it but its not this pretty gray color like I was wanting. If its anything like the Wally one it was super soft, comfy and warm. I want this !
I have always wanted a moto jacket !!! This one looks like it has flexible panels under the arms. I am not one to like jean jackets or leather jacket because I feel super confined. This one doesn't look like it will do that. 
LOVE this flannel. The coloring is everything !!!! 

If you remember last years try on hauls. I was forever on the hunt for the perfect mustard shade long cardigan. I think I found it !!! 

These were the first jeans in my scrolling that weren't $100 on sale ! $38.90 

Love how these would catch the light and sparkle ! 

Plan and simple. I really want this back pack ! 

Wow ... I unfortunately haven't had the pleasure of owning any Charlotte Tilbury products yet but this is gorgeous. Yes, I know very every day. Very CoverGirl Peach Punch vibes but I want this in the worst way. 

Ok ok ... who is coming over to help me clean up my drool !!!!!! I apparently am in the mood for soft neutrals and pinks at the moment because I also want this really bad !!! 

slip™ for beauty sleep Slipsilk™ Pure Silk Queen Pillowcases

Still on the pricier side of things but well worth it!! They will last forever. We should all be sleeping on silk pillow cases. Diminishes fine line and wrinkles on the face, doesn't harbor bacteria like cotton can ( preventing break outs ) and it much kinder on our hair. 
Speaking of fine lines and wrinkles ... Microcurrent at home. 
Microcurrent creates a electric current on the surface of the skin that mimic the bodies natural current. Tones and tightens muscles over time. Creates instant result that can last up to 1 hours. Best done every day. And over time you can TRAIN your muscles to stay where you massage them into place with this device. INSTANT AND PAINLESS FACE LIFT !!! 
One Beauty Blender is usually like $20 alone. This is a bargain !!! Jump on this before it sells out !!! 

I have heard incredible things about this brand. You know I love using facial tools for relaxation and increase product penetration. 
"Full-size Emerald Cannabis Sativa Deep Moisture Glow Oil (1 oz.): a THC- and CBD-free facial oil where deep oil meets flash absorption to calm your skin and sooth irritation and environmental stress."
I want this in my life right now !!! 

Amazing SAFE sunscreen. Smoking deal !!!! $38 for all three breaks it down to about ~$12 a bottle. 

There is so much more to the sale than I am able to share here. \
But I am getting tired already and have three episodes of Big Brother to get caught up on. 
SEE you at midnight !! 

Comment below with what items you are going to be purchasing. 

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