Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Save $1 on This Essential Household Item

This post is sponsored by Cottonelle, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Even though it's summer break I bet your days, like ours, are still go go go. From work to summer sport clubs, dance camp and planning or packing for weekend getaways. The last thing on my mind is whether we are running out of toilet paper not. Which is why I started to buy Cottonelle Mega Roll at Walmart.

I could go into the formula stats like how it is has 4x more sheets than the leading roll which means I'm spending less time changing it every other time I go to the bathroom. Leaving more time to try and find a moment to relax. But I'll break it down to what we are really looking for out of our household necessities.

A great deal for a convenient yet quality product.

Cottonelle Mega Rolls are sold at a store I shop at on the regular, Walmart. Plus it's made of ultra soft, super strong magical wiping material that my kids and boyfriend love and don't complain about. I bought the value brand once and never heard the end of it. True story. 

On top of all that right now through ibotta you can SAVE a $1 on Cottonelle Mega Rolls at Walmart starting 6/28!

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Basically, be sure to grab Cottonelle Mega Rolls next time you are at the store so you never run out this summer. 

And TAG me in a fun Boomerang or photo of a creative way you made your purchase. 

Here are my two crazy cats. Video not working ? Check out the original post.

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