Sunday, December 7, 2014

Zoomer Dino REVIEW : HOT Toys of 2014

Hello my friends ! I am back with another installment in the Hot Toys of 2014 series

This post has been sponsored by Walmart Toyland #ChosenByKids Event.

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Today I am sharing with you Boomer the Zoomer Dino by Spin Master. I have been compensated for taking the time to write this review. I would also like to mention that only I have had the pleasure of trying out this toy. Unlike in the previous reviews I have decided to keep this one a secret from the kids, Hey they have to have something to open on Christmas day right ?

This toy comes with : 
  Boomer the Dino
  USB charger cord ( wall adapter not included ) 
  Controller ( batteries not included )
Things you need to know : 

- This toy is pegged for kids 5 years and up and I can back that up. While my 3 year old will also enjoy this toy. My 6 year old has better hand eye coordination and will be able to fully enjoy this toy all its elements.

- I also suggest that you open this box prior to Christmas morning - By the way the best way to get into the box is form the bottom, trust me. This is because the Dino needs to be fully charged, takes about 15/20 minutes and the controller needs batteries to function. 

- You will need batteries and a screw driver. 3 AAA's to be exact. I recommend going with some Duracell's so they last longer.

- Boomer is pretty awesome. He can run, chomp, and get angry all from the controller.
Boomer was angry with me here - Boy he was seeing red that's for sure

- You can train Boomer with hand motions and signals. ( shown in manual ) There are 3 sensors on the tip of his nose that detect hand gestures and objects. 
- IF he falls forwards or backwards there is a re-stabilize button on the controller. Unless he falls to his side. Then you'll have to lift him onto his roller feet. 
He has something called True Balance Technology, which means he should be able to stay up right more often then not. 
Boomer is hilarious to watch. It was difficult to capture clear pictures of him because he was zipping around and moving so much. Even with out me using the controller. Here he bowed his head down, I honestly think because he was bored ! I hadn't touched the controller in a few minutes since I was busy trying to photograph him.

- Speaking of roller feet. Boomer rolls rather than steps. It think this is an awesome feature for a kids toy ! 

- In case you are wondering, I picked this up at my local Walmart in the toy section near where they have the R/C cars and models. 

Walmart is hosting really fun Chosen By Kids events in stores all throughout December. Check here to see when your local store will be hosting an event. Click the specific dates for locations.

- This is for both boys and girls. While Boomer comes in green or purple, I think either color would be well suited for a boy or girl. I feel like perhaps this has been marketed more towards boys but I totally feel like kids of either sex would enjoy this prehistoric creature. 

- For indoor use only and can not get wet ! 

Overall :  I have been playing with this toy for a while now and am obsessed ! Definitely quite amused by this little guy. I can't even imagine the joy my son will have when opening this and especially one other toy ( review coming soon) on Christmas morning.

I'm sure Boomer will be terrorizing Barbie's in no time. 

Is this toy on your kids Christmas list ?

Stay tuned to my blog for more fun toy reviews. 


  1. This looks fun... even for an adult :P

  2. My son just walked in and saw this and HAS to have one! I guess I am heading out to grab one of these today so they aren't all sold out by Christmas! Thanks for the review!