Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Active Kids Need Tough Clothes

I'm not sure if y'all remember when my son started Kindergarten last year, but at the time he refused to wear anything but a collared button up shirt to school. He told me it was his personal uniform for school. Of course I didn't mind. He always looked so adorable and all put together.

However, this year its totally different ! This year is all about comfort and function. He told me he needs clothes he can sit Crisscross Applesauce in and run around the 'big kid' playground comfortably.
Where did my little baby boy go ? 

It also should come as no surprise to me that he comes home with grass stains on this clothing. Daily.
I grew up the eldest of 3 girls. We did not come home with grass stains. Well maybe I did occasionally. Fun Fact : I played after school flag football in elementary school. Yup then I grew up won nationals in cheerleading and started a beauty blog :). 
I do have to give his clothes some credit. He gives them a beating! And yet they still come out of the wash looking brand new. I haven't changed detergent or anything, Still loving my Purex.

I have come up with obsession to the FabKids online clothing shop. I've done a few posts about them.

Last month I shared some adorable, dressier outfits. 

These pictures here were taken on Thanksgiving during a backyard game of football. He is of course wearing head to toe FabKids. 

How precious is this, What Rules?, graphic T shirt?

Or these Contrast Denim

I swear these have come home with hunter green knees. They then usually sit on his floor a few days until they make it to a hamper and yet they still come totally clean. 

When it comes to children's clothing Fabkids has got you covered. The quality is just there. 

Is your family a football crazed ?

Have you checked out the FabKids site yet ?

Right now you can get your first outfit FREE, just pay shipping ! 

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  1. I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO jealous of those mountains! That outfit is super cute, too!