Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Black Hole that is Black Friday

Sucked in by deals. 

I have to admit I do miss the days of waking up Thanksgiving morning, watching the parade, maybe a bit of the dog show before heading over to a relatives house for yummy grub. Then afterwards the dads would watch football while the kids played a board game together and the moms sipped on spiked coffees or wine. Browsing that days paper for Black Friday deals. You know the ones that actually began on Friday. I have always LOVED Black Friday shopping. I know I am one of the weird ones that enjoys the thrill of the crazies that come out. Especially at Walmart and Kohls. 

I remember one year, I must have been like 16 years old, it was my first Holiday season with a boyfriend. I dragged his butt out of bed at 2:30 Friday morning to go to Walmart with myself, my mom and my step dad. Looking back I feel terrible I made that poor teenage boy go through that, but you know it is. All in the name of puppy love haha !!  

Anyways, now all these sales start on Thursday evening heck even Thursday morning, Dude, I thought it was bad enough when we had to wake up at the crack of dawn. Now I have to be on my toes a full 24 hours before Friday even dawns. For me its not about all the people that are being forced to work on Thursday ( yes it totally sucks but its a job, I get it) It's about all the people who are now missing out on family time because of a stupid sale. 

Yes, we should get together and love each other all year round. But there is just something magically about the memories and the connection that happens actually on these Holiday days.

Can you find deals like this at other times of the year? 

Yes probably. But really? Who does all of their shopping in the summer and has the will to keep it hidden until Christmas?? I know I can't. I get too excited! Ugh I am actually kind of upset with myself about this. Just last week I bought my daughter the 'out of the vault' Sleeping Beauty DVD/BluRay

But did I hide it like I was supposed to? Like how I promised myself in the store I would? 
I ran home and gave it to her. What a sap I am. 

The bottom line is do what you feel comfortable doing. I personally now prefer to shop the deals online. I do kinda miss the hustle and bustle of in store Black Friday shopping but since the deals are starting so early I would shop online rather than sacrifice missing Thanksgiving dinner for a Barbie dream house. Dang I still need to find a deal on one of those.

What is your Black Friday approach ? 

Do you shop online ? Or totally skip it all together ?? 
Maybe you are one of those strong willed people who shop the Summer deals ???

Let me know in the comments below :-) 

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  1. It totally depends on the situation your family is in. Some families don't even celebrate Thanksgiving. We do BUT hubby has to work. So, we either do it on another day (who says it has to be on the 4th Thursday of the month, anyway?) or we do it early in the day like we are this year so that he doesn't have to miss it. For us, "thanksgiving" can be any day of the year WE decide to get our family together and enjoy a feast and great company. With our current situation, early Black Friday shopping doesn't interfere with our family time one little bit. For some people, I know that sales starting at 5 or 6 pm will compete with that family time and that makes me upset with the retailers. Honestly though, the only way they will STOP pushing the sale earlier and earlier is if people STOP shopping it and it is no longer giving the retailers an advantage by doing it.