Tuesday, November 11, 2014

PREVIEW Best Buy Black Friday Deals 2014

* This post contains affiliate links 
Best Buy Co, Inc.

Yeayah for previews !

Opened my email this morning and BAM saw, Best Buy Black Friday Preview.

I was tempted not to click.

Head over here to find out how I really feel back Black Friday, The Black Hole that is Black Friday. ( coming soon )

But then again, I am terrible with suspense and had to give in.

Inside I found a one page ad with some pretty cool deals.

Best Buy Co, Inc.

One I am most excited about is for $17 OFF Disney's, Maleficent.

Can you believe I have yet to see this flick. I really want to though. I was going to rent it off the Direct TV on demand thingy but it was like $5.99 when I could just wait another 2 weeks and buy it for $10.

Check out the preview and let me know in the comments below if any of the preview items are on your wish list / shopping list.

OR if you are looking for a specific deal let me and I will see if I find anything. I get a TON of affiliate / brand emails everyday. I'll keep my eye out for you :-)

* This post contains affiliate links

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