Monday, November 3, 2014

Littlest Pet Shop Style Sets REVIEW + Party : HOT Toys of 2014

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Do you remember playing with Littlest Pet Shop pets when you were growing up ? I know I do. I must have been in 2nd grade when I got the Littlest Pet Shop house for Christmas; and I remember playing with it until my mother demanded it was bed time. 

Fast forward to today. My daughter has the pleasure of enjoying these adorable little creatures. They even have their own animated show on the Discovery Family Channel (formerly the Hub Network). Which both of my kiddos enjoy watching together. I do have to say it is nice to see them enjoying these together. 

I have, gratefully, been sent these Littlest Pet Shop play sets and a Littlest Pet Shop DVD to review for you guys. The DVD is comprised of several episodes from the popular TV show. 
This set comes with three exclusive and adorable pets you can customize, Minka Mark (monkey), Sunil Nevla (mongoose), and Kitery Banter (cat). Several tiny peg like accessory pieces and a few larger decorative pieces. 
This set includes Blythe Baxter doll and Penny Ling pet (panda) and everything you need to make her room look ultra stylish. 
These set universally click into each other. Turning the sets into a stackable, multiplex of LPS fun. I also comes in handy that my daughter can use theses rooms as storage for all the pets and accessories too.

OH, and I haven't tried this yet but it sounds super cool, you can scan the pets into the Littlest Pet Shop app. Here you can bring your favorite pets to virtual life!!
This here is a close up of the Littlest Pet Shop Style Set and decorative pieces. 
If you look closely you will see little whole in the pets and the sets. These hole are for the peg like decorations. In this picture Penny Ling the panda has a yellow flower in her ear. These peg piece are pretty small. I would definitely watch small children around these play sets. Just in case.

There were a few parts to put / click together in order to assemble these but it only took a few minutes. 
Practically EVERYTHING about these sets is customizeable. With stickers, decorative pieces and each of the pets heads are easily removable so you can mix and match them. The design possibilities are endless. The kids are able to get as creative as they want with these.

Now to celebrate these new toys entering our family, my daughter invited a few of her gal pals over for a play date. It was difficult to get everyone together on the same day so we ended up having a few mini Littlest Pet Shop parties. 

For instance, on one occasion we had a Littlest Pet Shop tea party. 
and butterfly shaped grilled cheeses. 
Oh and the tea ? Was just pink lemonade of course. The girls had a blast watching the Littlest Pet Shop DVD while snacking and taking intermissions to play along with the toy figurines. 
Here you can see the shop's wall of accessories. Ingenious storage idea on Littlest Pets Shops part if you ask me. 

Overall : I can definitely see these making every little girls Christmas lists' this year!

For me it was very nostalgic. Reminded me of when I used to play with these very similar sets with my little sisters growing up. 

Do your kiddos watch the Littlest Pet Shop show or play with the toy sets ?

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