Monday, November 24, 2014

DIY Salon Blow Out + EASY Everyday Hair Styles

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I have to be honest with you.

Up until recently, I hated styling my hair.

It just takes so much time !

I used to experiment with it a lot more with it when I was younger.  Now with kids and the fact that my hair is super ultra thick, I have fallen into a lack luster routine. This includes me shampooing my hair every night, letting it air dry and throwing it in a pony tail the next day. Lame.

Then when we were away on vacation back in October one of the other wives had this really cool new hair dryer, Infiniti Pro by Conair® 3Q™ Brushless Motor Dryer and asked if I wanted to try it. I did and I fell in love! Mind you I hadn't blow dried my hair since high school ... yea eons ago. I remember hating doing it. It would take forever and just leave me with a damaged frizzy mess. This one however left my hair soft, sleek and dried it in just a few minutes. I came home from vaca and ran out to Walmart to get my self one of these bad boys. 
After trying out a few different techniques I have come up with the ultimate and EASIEST : How to Give Yourself the Perfect Salon Quality Blow Out at Home. That's a mouth full -- If you watch my YouTube video I bet you just read that in my voice too :-) I'm quite enthusiastic to say the least. 

If you have any go-to everyday styling tips please leave them down below.

Lets begin in the shower. I have been loving these L'Oréal Total Repair shampoo & conditioner. If you haven't tried them yet they are so worth giving a go. 

Pro Tip : When your ready to rinse out our conditioner turn the water down to as cool as you can comfortably bare it. This simple step smooths down and closes the cuticle of the hair leaving you with an extra boost of effortless shine. 

Out of the shower I wrap my hair up in a Turbie Twist. How did I live without one of these for so long ? Now if I'm showering at night I usually just hop right on to the next step. But if I'm showering during the day / morning this is where I would go and do my makeup.
I actually did a tutorial of this makeup look not too long ago : 5 Minute 'No Makeup' Makeup 

After taking my hair down I brush through gently to remove any tangles. 
Spray my hair with a strengthening spray. This one here is by Loreal. 
Then flip my hair over my head and start blow drying JUST the roots. I usually have it set on High / Hot for this. Now in the past this step would take me literally 10 minutes - but I'm telling you it only takes just 2-3 minutes. This blow drier has a brushless motor which allows it to dry the hair faster with using less heat. I totally don't understand the mechanics of it but what I do know is that it works
Once the roots are almost dry its time to flip head back over - try not to fall over from being upside down - and section off the hair from the ears up. You can also section your head off into forth quadrants but I tend to go for the easiest, fastest and quite frankly laziest route

With a round brush start at the roots and turn the brush up into the hair. This will give you a bit of lift as well as grip the hair nice and smooth. The drier is set to Hot / Low. This keeps the air flow gentle enough to not make my hair fly around crazy but also enought that is sets the hair the way I wan it too. I also like to put the dryer tip right up to the brush and angled downward to prevent as much frizz as possible. Normally I would be worried about scortching my hair with using the Hot setting but this dryer doesn't get ultra hot. I don't think it needs to actually. Don't forget to flick or turn the brush in towards your face when you get to the ends to get a more finished look to the blow out.
I repeat this all around my head. Most pieces only need one pass through.

Pro Tip : When doing your non-dominant side turn the tip of the nozzel 180° this will save your shoulder some strain. 
After my hair is dry I turn the heat setting down to cool and switch on the snowflake mode. ( Not totally convinced that is the proper terminology but hey you know what I'm saying) This just like when we are in the shower locks in a last minute blast of shine.
Then if you want your hair to be over the moon silky smooth rub in a bit of the Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Moroccan Argan Oil on the bottom third of the hair. This is a whole grail product for me.
^ Me having a little too much fun 

And we are done!
Ultra smooth hair, minimal frizz and in under 10 minutes !

In the past this is where I would have to bust out the hair straightener to remove kinks and frizz but I think it looks pretty dang good as is don't you ?

Now from here you can do a million different styles.

I usually like to pull one over a small section of hair and secure it with some Conair bobby pins.
Or if I am feeling really fancy I'll bust out the Infiniti Pro by Conair® Curl Secret®

I did a full review on this last year, Infiniti Pro by Conair: Curl Secret | Review & Demo  or if your more interested in this one, Hard-to-Curl Hair | Infiniti Pro by Conair: Curl Secret | Review & Demo.
Lately I have been really into curling just the bottom portion of my hair. 
Giving it a little bounce.
Then if I'm feeling ultra cute I will brush out the curls a bit and fishtail braid 3 inch sections from the front of my head . Securing them in the back. Sort of in a crown like style. Adding in a bow or flower clip here is an adorable option.
I have also been known to rock the tousled side pony.
Best thing about ALL OF THIS ? 

I can usually go at least 2 full days with this hair before feeling like it needs a bath.

ProTip: For next day hair spray in a bit of dry shampoo to the roots - as needed - and refresh the curls with a bit of Garnier Texture Tease spray. Scrunching the hair upwards with your fingers. Throw on a sassy headband like this one from scünci and your all set.

Let me know in the comments below what your go to hair style is.

If you find your self inspired to recreate these looks be sure to TAG me ! I would love to see your gorgeous doo's. @SparkleMePink8 

If your interested in purchasing either of the styling tools I used in this tutorial head on over to the Walmart website for more information.

Infiniti Pro by Conair® Curl Secret®

Infiniti Pro by Conair® 3Q™ Brushless Motor Dryer


  1. I love that picture next to last. I want longer hair like yours now! WAHHH!

  2. I'm really digging the side pony. Like so much I want to let my hair get longer just so I can do it. :)

  3. The side pony is adorable. My hair is currently shoulder length but I'm growing it out so I can do more hairstyles!

  4. What brand of round brush do you use? Is your hair typically dry, course, wavy and super thick? It looks like my hair type except 100x healthier! Thanks for the post! It was SUPER helpful! Can't wait to try it...still just wondering what brand round brush? Thanks!