Tuesday, November 25, 2014

10 Tips For Surviving Black Friday

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Now you may have read my last Black Friday post, The Black Hole that is Black Friday where I go over my love / hate relationship with BF. 

Since then I have been thinking. I have Black Friday shopped since I was a little girl and I sort of consider myself a amateur if not pro Black Friday shopper. Why not share some of this knowledge with you? Some may be obvious. Some redundant. My hope is that perhaps there is at least one thing you may not have thought of already that will help you have a successful Black Friday experience. 

Lets begin.

Before you leave the house.

1. Make a game plan
So your doing it you are going to tackle Black Friday. First thing you need to do is come up with a plan of action. I suggest making a spreadsheet with what products do you want at what store and what time that sale begins. Include the prices on this list because who knows. You could be at store A and see a product you planned on getting at store B but its about the same price and in stock. GRAB IT !! Now you just opened up a window of time looking for this item at store B. 
-  See what you CAN get online. Save yourself as much crowd hassle as possible.  
-  OH and figure out who price matches what - this could also save you a trip or two to different stores.
-  Check to see if the stores you are going to offer a map of where the products will be in the store. 
-  Know your budget and plan accordingly. Just remember they probably won't remember these gifts in a few years but they sure as heck will remember that hilarious thing you did while y'll were playing that new board game. Just keep that in mind and don't go over board. Unless you can afford that kind of thing. In that case email me and I'll give you my address -- I'm totally kidding !!!!! 
First stop kind of stores : Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Kohls, JCPenney.
Secondary stops : Macy's, Ulta, Sephora, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Bath and Body Works. 
2. Find your Black Friday buddy
BF buddies come in hand in several ways. First with planning. You both may be looking for the same things and can compare prices. But also covering more area in less time. Make sure that if you are going to do this that you both have a fully charged cellphones on hand and each other often. A buddy will also come in handy if you forgot to look for something but really need to start getting in line. They also make great look outs. One year I went with my husband and we were standing in line that was not moving for what seemed like eons. So finally I sent him up to see what was going on. Come to find out we got in a line with people who were wait for the next sale time period to hit. Oh yea I was livid. I planned better the next year that's for sure. 

3. Go to the bathroom
I cannot tell you how many times I've almost had an accident while Black Friday shopping. Think about it there are SO many people all in that same area it ridiculous difficult to mangle your way through to find the restroom. Also if you decide not to go with a buddy who will hold your place in line ?? This also leads me to say, while it is tempting, to not bring your iced mocha latte with you. Ugh I know ! But caffeine is a diuretic. But if you forget or can't resist the Starbucks at least you have your buddy to hold your place in line.

4. Pack a snack
Even just a granola bar will do. Low blood sugar + crowded store = ultra cranky. 
These Special K coffee drinks are super delicious !

Time to head out. 

5. Leave the kids at home
Kind of a no brainer but I've seen it happen. People bring their babies and toddler with them and it just makes the experience terrible. The whole standing around listening to other peoples kids cry or watch the little buggers sleep in a shopping cart, not fun.

6. Leave early
Make sure you are leaving yourself enough time to get there, find parking and make it into the building before the sale starts - surely there will be some sort of crowd or line. Now it depends on what your going in the store for but if you can get away with not getting a shopping cart. DO IT. Having one will just be a major pain in the bootie to navigate around with. Either way get to the store early and if your allowed grab everything you are looking for and try to get online. Some stores allow this but won't allow you to get the sale price until it is time. Cheating ? Eh no. You have a game plan and were smart enough to think ahead.

7. Stay focused
That being said, stay on task. No intense browsing or mingling. Just go in grab what you want and get in line. Black Friday is also the night to embrace your resting 'bitch face'. I'm not saying to be mean to people but you may need to toss out a stink eye or two.
Check out the link for full review.

8. See something you MAY want ? GRAB IT 
Don't even chance it. If your walking by a display and you see a super adorable little crock pot thingy or whatever just grab it. Even if your on a strict budget grab it ! Just because you have it in the cart doesn't mean you HAVE to purchase it. You can decide whether or not you REALLY want it while your standing in line for an hour or more. Maybe this sounds rude to some of you but I guaranty the one thing you were going to grab but didn't is something you'll purchase the next week but double the price. Just sayin'

9. Have Patience 
Know that you will be standing in some sort of line on Black Friday. You will probably have to stand in one to get in the store, if your getting one of the big ticket items, if you have to pee, when your ready to check out and also with your receipt before walking out of the store. Just remember you are all there for same reasons. You all want to save money on these gifts for your loved ones. There is no reason for screaming and hair pulling. Maybe a stink eye and some light bootie scooting but I promise, it isn't all that serious. Is it disappointing that the tall dude just grabbed the last dang Elsa doll, Yes, but am I going to attempt to tackle him to the ground or grab it out of his cart ? NO. Just keep your wits about you. Who knows. You may see it on the shelf next to the registers because someone grabbed it and didn't end up needing it. Have faith ! And if not there is always Amazon. Try Amazon PrimeFREE for 30 Days -- Includes Free 2 days shipping + movies + books and more. 

10. Do Not Forget to grab batteries 
I'm telling you. Just grab them. You may say 'oh its too crazy of a night to think about batteries.' No. Grab those suckers! Grab them while your standing in line for forever or better yet have your buddy get them. If you don't you will forget how many you needed for that one toy or electronic or wait did that one take AA or AAA or one of those weird 9 volt ones. I also highly suggest scooping up Duracell CopperTop All-Purpose alkaline batteries. Not only are they dependable, they’re also long-lasting. Nothing is worse than using discount batteries and having them die in that new toy or electronic you just spend hours planning and standing in line to get. 

You have graduated Black Friday Shopping 101.
I hope you found this informative.

Let me know in the comments below what you are hoping to swoop up this Black Friday.

Also if I have forgotten anything besure to comment below and I will add it in.

Best of luck shopping ! BE SAFE !!! And if you post any hauls you better TAG me girlfriends! 

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