Tuesday, July 22, 2014

FabFitFun SUMMER Box 2014

Yeayeah for summer !!! That means it's time for a FabFitFun box opening !!!!

FabFitFun is a quarterly woman's subscription service curated by Giuliana Rancic! The box comes filled with hand-selected items in beauty, fashion, fitness, and wellness and basically just the right amount of FabFitFun!

There are often $$ off coupons codes. 
Would you like $15 off this Summer box ? 
Send me an email. The first three people to request & use the code get it :-) 

Check out what came in the SPRING FabFitFun Box

Here are the contents of my FabFitFun summer box : ( Everyone's box will have the same contents )

Sonya Dakar Flash Facial  (Full Size) Retail value: $95
First off --- I can not believe the price of this product ! I haven't tried it yet ( honestly I'm a little nervous too) but yea. Other wise this is an awesome type of product to have in these types of boxes. Almost everyone can enjoy it ( not skin or hair color specific) and it's ultra expensive. Which translates to me as something I at least wouldn't normal try out or purchase unless it came in a box like this. 

Mini Clutch from Thursday Friday Retail value: $35
Super cute and sturdy. This well made bag is lined, sturdy and super cute. Perfect for travel. It's on the larger side for fitting in an everyday purse ( ipsy bags are great everyday makeup pouches) can't wait to check out the site and use my $30 gift card !

Pur-lisse SPF 30 Daily Essential Moisturizer (Full Size) Retail value: $55
Ok this is another price shocker for me. Dude I've been using this on the kids for the past week or so not knowing this was in fact full sized and $50 bucks ! Ok no more on the kiddos they can go back to their $6 banana boat spray haha this will be reserved for special occasions or on my shoulder or something - my shoulders have gotten quite toasted brown this year hu ? 

Balanced Guru No Frizz Hair Oil (Full Size) Retail value: $25
This was a bummer item for me only because I have already received a decent sized sample of this in my ipsy bag. I am not a huge fan of the ultra earthy scent - personal preference thing so if you are interested in swapping me for this ? Email me :-) 

Zoya Nail Polish (Full Size) Retail value: $9
I Love nail polish . I love Zoya polish even more. So glad I got this bright fun color in my box ( everyone gets the same things in their boxes I don't know why I said that) 

Water Infuser Bottle Retail value: $15
I think I showed my enthusiasm very clearly in the video HA! I have been wantig to get one of these bottles for a while now but am to thrifty to get one - hey spending $10 on a blender bottle was pushing my limits but I absolutely live that bottle too #worthit 
Popchips Retail value: $1.29
Fun filler item - haven't tried them yet - I prefer BBQ flavors :-)

KissStix Lip Balm Set Retail value: $5.99
Super cool concept! I had never heard of these before getting them in this box. Then I saw Tati from glam life guru interview -- while she was in Vegas about them and now I see them everywhere ! They remind me of the scented lip balms at Claire's I used to get as a pre teen :-) 
Then I saw them at my local Fry's on clearance ? Yes I bought these too - these balms are super cool ! 

This month also included sample sizes of sponsored items:

Always Xtra Protection All Day Liners Retail value: $1.50
Um yea --- it's not like they go bad ? I guess I'm being a brat about these next few items as they are kinda run of the mill products and not super exciting to get I. A seasonal beauty box. 

Skintimate Shave Gel Retail value: $1.99
Hey it's purple 
Again not bashing the product. It is us full but I would have much rather have received some fancy bronzer or cute hair tie instead 

Slim Fast Have Your Cake… Meal Bar Retail value: $5.49 for a box.
I looks like it taste good ! I think it's too many calories though for me to enjoy it while doing my nutrisystem journey 

Overall : This box is worth the money. At a total value of --- . Some items aren't super exciting but will get used. 

What do you think about this season FabFitFun summer box ? Comment below and let me know ...

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  1. It would be kind of fun to get these boxes in the mail quarterly and be surprised with the contents. I like the infuser bottle but would not use everything in the box. Thanks for sharing this subscription box.