Thursday, June 26, 2014

What's In My POOL Bag | Pool Bag Essentials

This article is sponsored by U by Kotex® Pads. However, all opinions are that of my own. I actually already use and love this brand so this What's In My Pool Bag is 100% accurate :-) #SaveTheUndies 

Hi ladies ! Today I am sharing with you what exactly is in my pool bag !

Be sure to watch my What's in my pool bag Video to see ALL of the contents of my bag.

Here are the key essentials every girl needs to have in their Beach / Pool Bag ! 
- Swimsuit 
  I can't believe I didn't mention this in my video DUH !!
- Sunglasses
  Pretty much a no brainer but since I often forget mine in the car or where ever I just keep a cheapy pair for
  my self and the kids in my pool bag that stay in my pool bag.
- Emergency Beauty Kit
  The one I have here is by Pinch Provisions and is super cool. Basically a swiss army knife of beauty must
- Spray & Lotion Sunscreen
  Again this goes with out saying. I make sure to carry both the spray kind as well as a creamy lotion version
  for the kids faces.
- U by Kotex Ultra Thin pads
  These are actually an any kind of bag must have !! Along with tampons as well. I keep my womanly
  supplies in a separate ipsy bag than my makeup and such so that if I am digging for a lip balm my pads and
  tp's aren't flying out all over! Are you a Kotex fan as well ? It is the only brand I have been using for
  years ! (Pictured here are the NEW versions of the U by Kotex® Cleanwear® Ultra Thin pads with 3D
  Capture Core.) Jump on the bandwagon with me and request a U by Kotex FREE Sample over here.
- After Sun Lotion
  This is a new item in my pool bag - I just got it in my #SurfsUpVoxBox but it is supposed to help sooth
  your skin post sun ahhh
- Detangling Brush
  Because my daughter and my hair can get a little cray cray when it gets wet !
- Mini Gillette Venus razor
  This adorable little bugger is Gillette's Venus Snap with Embrace travel sized razor. I don't
  travel much so it has found its home here in my pool bag. You know just in case I get some
  stubble or miss a spot I can run to the bathroom real quick and touch things up. See
  my #InASnap Review over here.
- Refreshing Facial Mist
  Any sort of toning, refreshing mist will do ! Hydrating mists add back to your face and body some much
  needed moisture. Which obviously prevents dryness from happening. Which in turn helps reduce peeling a
  few days from now. You can thank me later :-) 

Comment below and tell me ... What essentials do you carry in your pool / beach bag ? 

Don't forget to head on over here to request your FREE sample of the New U By Kotex pads with 3D Capture Core.


  1. I'm loving your pool bag essentials! I'm loving that little razor carrying case, zomg cute!!

  2. Cute bag!! Love your must-haves!

  3. ooh the facial mist sounds nice hunn!

  4. You definitely got the essentials covered! Great picks :)

  5. Great essentials for your pool bag! My beach bag pretty much has the same things, except I usually include extra clothes and swim diapers for the kids! I am loving the new mini Gillette razor too, it's adorable!

  6. I love how you make use of your ipsy bags! This is a great guide and I need to take notes so that I can pick up a few of these to include in my pool bag!

  7. First off, your bag is adorable! I love your list of pool bag essentials! Makes me wish we were going to the pool/beach soon! :)

  8. I never would have thought to include more than half of the items in my beach bag than what you have included. I've heard great things about Ipsy and seeing your video prompted me to start with it. That powder needs the boot. Anything over a year old needs the boot! and anything that touches your eyes goes out at 6 months. They can cause infections. :D Have fun in the water!

  9. Totally keep the same ones in my pool bag as well, just in case :)

  10. I am in LOVE with that new thirty one bag you have in your video!! Need it! Great list!

  11. I just realized that I've never had a pool/beach bag.I think it's about time I get one.

  12. I love this post! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Loved everything in your bag, really great ideas, helped a ton!