Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Perhaps you have seen my video rant already ?

If you have my apologies for being redundant but if you haven't this is a must see.

I really am not one for complaining or blowing the "your being a butt head" whistle but the experience I had at my local Ulta the other day with my daughter was just THAT bad.

What do you think ?
Am I over reacting ?
Watch the video and comment below

I have emailed the company/customer support. All I received back was a generic sorry not sorry email from them. It also stated that the general manager of the store would contact me ... that was over a week ago !!

 Discussion Thread
 Response Via Email (Armilia C.)05/22/2014 03:24 PM
Dear Michelle
Thank you for contacting ULTA Guest Services regarding the unsatisfactory guest service you encountered at our Mesa store location. We at ULTA are committed to our guests and we're sorry to hear your visit was not enjoyable. We strive to see that our guests receive excellent customer service while in our ULTA store's.
Please know that your concerns and comments are important to us. By way of this email the stores District Manager will be informed of your experience. We appreciate the feedback our guests provide to us and will be investigating your concerns thoroughly. The General Manager has been asked to reach out to you to further discuss your concerns so we can make sure your future visits to ULTA are much more enjoyable.
If you have any additional questions or concerns please contact us further. We will be happy to hear from you. We appreciate your business and look forward to your next visit to ULTA.
Armilia C.
ULTA Guest Services

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  1. So bizarre that none of them could answer your very straight forward question.I worked retail for awhile and had to take classes in each department of the store so I could answer any questions thrown my way.People would walk through certain departments,towels for example,and pick them up to feel them and just lay them back down.Was it fun to go back at night and refold a million towels? No,but it was my job! So don't feel weird at all about your little cutie playing with stuff.Now if she had been digging through and ruining them,sure,but that's totally different.To even mention it to you was rude as hell.My daughter has the same sunglasses as yours.Gotta love the Target dollar bin baby! ;)