Friday, June 20, 2014

JULEP Summer Brights Welcome Box - My First Julep Maven Box

Perhaps you saw this post a few weeks ago ? SMOKIN Deal on Summer Beauty Box - I Ordered One ! Where I shared with you ladies the break down of the amazing deal I got on Julep Summer Brights Welcome Box.

This is my very first Julep Maven box, so naturally I was super stoked for it to arrive !

Watch my unboxing video to see what exactly came in the box and how you can get one too !!

To re-cap I got 5 five-free nail polishes, A lip gloss AND a double ended eye liner with sharpener all for $7.99 Shipped !! woop woop 

Head over here to get your own Summer Brights box for FREE

(just pay $2.99 shipping) 

Now keep in mind my box was $7.99 because I added 2 items to my cart along with the FREE Summer Brights box. I got the $2.99 America polish and a $5 Mystery Polish which ended up being Bea, a buttery yellow shade. Adding these items to the cart gave me free shipping ! Score !
While I don't feel like all of these colors scream Summer they sure are pretty! Also keep in mind that I don't believe that everyone who get the Summer Brights box will get the same shades. 
Here is a swatch of the Julep lip gloss in Posh and the Double ended eyeliner in Carbon Black and Brown Shimmer. The lip gloss is more of a tinted gloss than an opaque one. The eyeliner isn't really anything overly special to me. Just a normal pencil eyeliner. 
 How gorgeous and festive is America ? I can't wait to put this over some white polish for the 4th of July.
 Bea is beautiful buttery pale yellow. Evelyn is a creamy radiant orchid shade. 
 Ramona, Ramona, Ramona my favorite shade out of them all, a super pretty light lavender polish. This will look great against a tan !
 Tatum, a shimmer slime green shade which I think will be fun over a white base for a fun bright pop of color.

 Like I said in the video I don't feel like these are colors I would normally grab for at the store so I am glad they came in a box like this. I do feel like I got above and beyond my moneys worth with this box and highly recommend you give Julep a try :-)

Let me know in the comments below if you've ever gotten a Julep Maven box before. 

P.S. I will come back and add the links to any swatches / manicures I do with these polishes. 

Limited Edition Nautical Welcome Box

 <--- OH I almost forgot !! If Summer Brights isn't your style check out the fun Nautical themed box Julep just released !

*This is not sponsored. These products were not provided to me and as always these are my own personal, real thoughts and opinions.


  1. this looks awesome, i would love to try this stuff out!!! thanks for sharing i am definitely going to look into this brand!

  2. How did you get soo much? When i got my first "free" box I got 3 nail colors, some samples and nothing else. The 2ed box was a mess I got 2 nail colors from on collection and 2 more that I did not order. I canceled after tha 3ed box.

    1. This was/is a special Summer Brights box - the new Nautical one will have the same amount of products in it too :-) the regular take the quiz boxes I believe only have polish in them ... I think ! not exactly sure. I break down what I ordered in this post :

  3. That looks like fun to get a surprise box in the mail and try new products

  4. Watched the video on you Tube & read a couple of articles & even was going to get the product for free - until I read that it was a monthly on-going subscription that woud cost around $25 a month for products I very rarely use. Maybe if I was younger, I might have taken the offer. The products do look appealing!

  5. I love the box you got. The colors are beautiful. I am a huge Julep Maven fan, and I am actually wearing Bea right now :]

    1. I just just Bea on this morning but it dried all bubbly :-(

  6. Never actually heard of Julep Maven before... but I absolutely adore the surprise boxes.