Monday, June 16, 2014

Be A Bombshell : Lash Out Mascara Review - From My June 2014 ipsy Bag

When I first started seeing the complaints and rants about this mascara I was shocked and just taken back on how quickly this product was getting bashed.

I felt like everyone had just heard it from someone else and was just jumping on the haters bandwagon.

Then when I went to use it for the first time yesterday, I finally understand why everyone was so passionate. First off the brush is nothing special I said that in my ipsy Unboxing video ( head over to my YouTube channel to see what else came in my ipsy bag this month ) Secondly the formula looked / is very thin like you can't really see any product on the bristles of the brush. Third when I opened it in video it was away from my face. However, when I went to apply it yesterday the scent of the product wafted to my nose and I seriously gagged ! I'm not exaggerating or trying to be mean and bash the company but it's BAD !! 

I read that it smells terrible because Be A Bombshell does not use fragrance in their products? However, whatever IS in this mascara idk if it's whale lard or beaver butt or whatever 'natural product' they are using, it just smells putrid !! Even if this is a "safe" product to use on the eyes I don't want to! Now in and effort to give them the benefit of the doubt I did try it out yesterday. Perhaps this product works wonders. Nope it did nothing for my lashes. It maybe added a little black coloring to them but didn't lengthen, separate or thicken my lashes. All in all I am sooo glad I didn't spend the retail value of $15 on this mascara and if I had it would have been returned to the store! 

Did you get the Be a Bombshell mascara in your June ipsy bag ? What are your thoughts on this ?


  1. I was given this mascara in a group of make up items by a "secret pal". It messed with my contacts.

  2. I am very refreshed to see this post. I honestly had come to the conclusion that bloggers always sang the praises of every product they reviewed. Mascara for me is a hard thing. I get one that lengthens but it does nothing to thicken. It may thicken but it leaves me with tiny little fat stumps of lashes. I got a little sample from Lancome that I just adored. When I went to buy it ,,, they do not carry that particular kind anymore. What the world! So I am on a mission to find a mascara that works for my eyelashes. I appropriate ya telling us that this one doesn't work well and is smelly. I have tried a few smelly ones in my day. I wont name names but Ding dong blank is calling... That one was awful smelling!

    1. That you for understanding where I am coming from with this post ! I actually just filmed a Favorites and Forgettables mascara edition video which will be up soon so keep an eye out for that :-)

  3. Thanks so much for sharing! I really appreciate an honest review so that I don't waste my money! Thank you!! :)

  4. I am honestly afraid to open mine. I have been receiving Be A Bombshell cosmetics in subscription boxes for about two years now and every time I receive one I wonder if they actually sell their cosmetics for the outrageous prices they claim are the retail on them. I have received eyeshadows, lip crayons, "the one stick" which is a kind of weird blush or cream lip product, powder blushers, and eyeliners and have always thought that if I had to put a pricetag on them I would only pay Wet n Wild prices. Don't get me wrong, I love Wet n Wild and I think they have some high quality stuff (especially their eye shadows) but in terms of packaging and uniqueness they seem rock bottom drug store price items. I don't understand the romance between sub boxes and this company. I am hoping the mascara drama will make other companies rethink including them over and over. Thanks for your honesty and thanks for hosting the thirty one giveaway on your YouTube. I've been a Twitter follower of yours for ages but I'm glad I found you on other platforms!