Monday, June 23, 2014

All About : My Nerd Glasses from Firmoo

I was sent these glasses as a promotional item. However, this is not a sponsored review. As always these are my own personal, real thoughts and opinions.
These are my nerd glasses
Don't you just love them ?

You can see me wearing these in the beginning and at the end of my Everyday Acne Coverage Makeup | VIDEO Tutorial that just went up the other day. 

When they first arrived in the postal box I sent a pic of them to my friend Sarah, you remember her from our ipsy unboxings and 2013 years favorites video right ? Anyways I sent her this picture and captioned it -
My new John Mayer goggles. 

Because if you've been following me for a while than you probably already know that Sarah and I are pretty avid JM fans. Well she is like a die hard fan I was just the random chick dancing around with a flower crown haha. See my post and that sentence will make more sense Dear John Mayer

By the way these are prescription glasses. I have actually worn prescription glasses for read ie: when I am on the computer or looking at my phone for a period of time, since 5th grade !
Don't you just love the glow an iPhone picture gives you ;-) Didn't even have to edit these.

However, I had been wearing my previous glasses which were an expired prescription for almost 3 years ! My eyeballs were hurting for a new pair. Thankfully I was able to get these in my new prescription and have been wearing them every day! The first few times I wore them I did feel a bit nauseous and fish bowl-y but I knew that was par for the course when wearing a new prescription. After that initial phase I haven't had any troubles with them at all ! I actually put my old pair away somewhere in the back abyss of my closet - I swear there is probably a family of "Borrowers" back there. Its scary!
Firmoo is super affordable too ! These glasses I have here are only $39 !! 

This site is definitely where I will be purchasing my future glasses from. 

Oh and better yet you can get your first pair 50% OFF !! 
 Something I really liked about placing my order with Firmoo is that you can upload a picture or scan of your prescription and they will read/interpret it for you. I will be honest with you guys I did not do that the first time I ordered glasses from Firmoo. I thought ok how difficult could it be to read the script. I learned the hard way when my first pair were not the correct PD a.k.a Pupillary Distance making them just all kinds of wrong for my eyes. Which was totally my fault !! Actually, to make up for me messing up Firmoo kindly sent me these prescription sunnies with the correct PD and prescription. These specific frames are now discontinued but I think the idea of prescription sunglasses is fabulous.

 Do you wear glasses ? Would you consider ordering a pair off Firmoo now ? Comment below...

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UPDATE : First Pair Free Program is Now OPEN

Head over here to get your first pair of glasses from Firmoo on the house :-)


  1. WOW only $39 !!! They look so cute on your face they frame your face perfect! Cute cute cute!!!

  2. I am in the process of trying to decide on new glasses. One eye has bad eye sight and the other eye has just started to news glasses but has a stigmatism. I've worn contacts but want glasses for computer work. Going to Firmo sight to check them out.