Saturday, May 17, 2014

My Makeup Brush Collection : Sedona Lace Edition

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As a teen who put a full face of makeup on every morning before school - even in middle school - I really only used to used maybe 3 different brushes. I remember I had a very small dense concealer brush, a big ol powder brush and a blush brush. Now that my collection has grown to having several different shapes, sizes, brands and purposes I figured it's about time I share some of my favorites with you guys. 

The first bunch I want to share with you are my Sedona Lace brushes. 
The two brushes I own from Sedona Lace are the Tulip Contour and the Dome Contour brush. Both are part of a larger set called the Vortex kit. I just own these two though. 
Both have sturdy wooden handles and have very sturdy yet soft pliable bristles. 
The Tulip Contour brush has that signature tapered look of a Tulip flower. I would say that this brush has a  medium density to it. The hairs bend enough that the product / powders glide across my skin smoothly but isn't too bendy that they flick all over the place. The web site says it is great for cream foundations, however, I have only used it for setting my T zone and occasionally using the tip area for highlighting. I do also have a separate brush that I usually use to highlight but when I'm my being lazy this also works just as well. 
The Dome Contour is a heavier more dense brush than the Tulip one. The bristles are stubbier and more compact. This is great for smoothing out thicker creamier and overall more stubborn products. I like to use it for blending my cheek contour lines. The website states brush would also be good for blending out foundations but I feel like it is a bit too small for me to use it for that. 

I did find that when the brushes first arrived they both shed a bit but after I gave them their first bath I haven't noticed any more shedding.

Tulip Contour Brush --->

If you were to only pick one brush of these two, I would say go for the versatility of the Tulip Contour brush. The unique shape of this brush really helps to softly blend a variety of different products onto the skin.  I do find myself grabbing for this brush on a daily basis. 

<--- Dome Contour Brush 

Which brush is your favorite ? Do you have any Sedona Lace brushes ? 

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  1. I've been looking for new brushes! I'm def going to check these ones out!
    lexi @

  2. That tulip tip looks neat.. :) I am a big fan of long-handled makeup brushes.. thanks for this review, I'll check them out!

  3. love the look of those brushes,really full and tapered just right

  4. i actually dont have any decent brushes, maybe i should ask for some for my bday

  5. Thank you for the review of the brushes.I think
    I would choose the tulip tip.I actually hate when brushes
    leave the black bristles on your face.

  6. I use mineral makeup and could definitely use more brushes and I think the Tulip Contour Brush would be perfect for applying mineral foundation. Thanks for the review.