Friday, April 11, 2014

Zaycon Foods FIRST EVER Chicken Sale !!! You have to get in on this guys !!

With BBQ season almost here it is the perfect time to place a very rare order of ALL DARK MEAT chicken during Zaycon Foods first ever sales event. 

This June Zaycon Foods is offering Boneless, Skinless Thighs for $2.39 a pound and bone-in chicken wings for just $1.99 per pound. I am so so so excited - seriously chicken wings are my second favorite food, next to cheese ravioli's that is :-) 
What the heck is Zaycon ?? Read my A Drive Thru Meat Market ?? to find out.

ALSO Check out how my first Zaycon pick up went : Zaycon Foods : Chicken | Review & Meal Ideas

These products come fresh, never frozen, and are ready for your special seasonings, rubs, and recipes. Zaycon rarely ever offers chicken this time of the year due to a limited national supply, but I am super stoke that they are able to this !! 
The quantities available are much less than their Fall rounds so make sure you put in your order soon!

My last order from Zaycon was in October and we just ran out of those 40 lbs of chicken last month !! Can you believe that ??? And let me tell you we eat A LOT of chicken in this house. See here for how the chicken came, what I did with it and how I prepared it. 

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