Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The NEW Limited Edition #FebrezeSpring Collection is Out !! @SheSpeaksUp

This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Febreze 

I was so excited to here about the new Limited Edition Febreze Spring Collection.

I don't know about you but especially during the changing of seasons I become am alllllll about new air freshening scents. #NosePleasingAmazingness, right ? 

For Fall is crisp apple pie and pumpkin pie scents. Winter it's all about the sugar cookies and pines trees. But my absolute favorite has to be Spring and Summer. Of course the weather is nicer - well almost unbearable here in Arizona, but the smell of Spring flowers just brings me back to my childhood. See I grew up in New York and every week my mom would pick a fresh bouquet of lilacs from the tree (or is it just a huge bush ?) in the front yard. Now as an adult anytime I catch the light scent of lilac I am brought back to those happy carefree days. 

Fuel my addiction to floral scents I am grateful to have been sent three products from the new limited edition/seasonal line : The CAR Vent Clip, the dual air freshener wall mount - NOTICEables and the put it anywhere Set & Refresh.

The CAR Vet Clip which came in the scent Rain went instantly in my car. Installation is beyond easy you open the package click the clip up and attach it to the vent on your cars dashboard. I originally had mine on the driver side of the car but had to move it to the other side because of just how scented it was. It kinda of made my eyes tear a bit. I even had it on the lowest setting, that sucker was strong ! But I don't mind, I moved it and was totally fine moving forward. The fragrance it self was very nice and refreshing. It always nice getting into a car that smells pretty. 

The wall mounted Febreze NOTICEables was easy to put together as well. Mine are in the scents Sweet Pea & Pink Petals. The little plastic wall gizmo that you put the scent pod in and then plug it into the wall switches back and forth between the scents so that you don't get too used to the aroma. I have mine right by my garbage can in the kitchen which is adjacent to the living room making it the perfect spot for it. The NOTICEables filled practically the whole down stairs with happy fragrances. So much so that I also had to keep this one set on the lowest setting, so that is didn't become over powering to breathing. I'm telling you these Febreze products are no joke-it's awesome !! 

Finally the Set & Refresh also in the scent Rain. I call this the click and go actually because you literally take it out of the package click it up and forget about it. I mean the fragrance is totally there but its is so sleek and simple. I have mine at the top of the stair way right next to Big Tony, our stinky mucky guinea pig. Don't worry its not super close to him he is fine! Anyways, I love having it right there because it totally transports me into a chipper peppy place with a wonderful clean fragrance. 

Here is a display of the new Limited Edition Febreze Spring Collection at my local Walmart. 

Le me know in the comments below - What scents remind you of Spring ?


  1. I had no idea there was a Spring Collection out... thanks! :)

  2. I love fresh scents in my apartment. Thanks for sharing a review about these!