Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Our Super Sweet NO CANDY Easter

*I have received product samples to facilitate this review however this post is 110% my own words and honest opinion.
Yes, you read that correctly - Mike and I have decided to do a  NO Candy Easter  this year. And no we haven't gone crazy. The idea came to me when I realized just how much sweets we already are consuming without it even being a special holiday. Especially with Sophia's potty training, we are doing the M&M bribe method. OK I know what your thinking but this is seriously the ONLY way we have gotten any progress out of her. Anyways, we still wanted to put together some sort of Easter gift basket for the children and I was coming up blank on creative ideas - and then I saw them...
These adorable, soft, huggable and did I say adorable ? Build-A-Bear Workshop Bunnies !

They are exactly what I was looking for. They aren't something the kids are just going to consume then be forget about and they can't really break it within 5 minutes of getting them. Then I saw that I could get them already perfectly styled and I was sold !! 
For Sophia I picked out the Perfectly Pink Pretty Petals Bunny. She comes with a Fuchsia Tulle Flower Dress, Fuchsia Glam Heels and Flower Headband. I picked her because she is of course pink, but I also felt like she wasn't an overly Eastery bunny. Meaning my daughter would get to go enjoy her out all year round. We can even go into a store later on and pick out some more adorable little outfits and accessories for Ms. Pretty Petals. Um hello Purple & Pink Tulle Dress !
Now Anthony was a bit tougher. I wanted one that didn't scream Hey I am a little kid or one that was too girly. Then I scrolled across Hop Into Fun Chocolate Bunny. All decked out in a Checkered Shirt, Khaki Shorts, Navy & Lime Boat Shoes, Lime Sunglasses, a plush Easter Egg & even to top it all off a Bowtie! Ahhh he is just adorable. Now Mr. Hop is the epitome of Easter but don't go calling me a hypocrite just yet - that's only when he is all dressed up in his Sunday bests, alright. I think if we toss him in one of those Minnesota Vikings Uniforms he will fit right in with the family come pre-season. 

While browsing I also came across these adorable little boogers right here. Seriously is he just not the cutest thing you have ever seen ?!?

These are sold out online but you may be able to find them in store.

I glad that I could purchase these online rather than have to go into the Build-A-Bear Workshop store. That way I could get the bunnies without the kids seeing them. Actually the whole buying it online is a great idea for those that may not live close by but still want to send a special Easter gift to. Also if you aren't sure which Build-A-Bear Workshop friend to get you could always get them a gift card, these are also available in store and online at buildabear.com.

I honestly can not wait to see my kids faces when they see their Build-A-Bear Workshop Bunnies in their NO Candy Easter baskets. These are way cooler than some jelly beans or marshmallow chicks. 

Tell me in the comments below - Have you ever done or had a NO Candy Easter before ?

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