Sunday, April 13, 2014

Is Orange The New Pink ?? | Featuring Always Chic Boutique

I was sent these pieces from Always Chic Boutique to show you guys but I honestly love them so much, hence the obnoxious amount of pictures in this post :-)  

Next to Pink, Orange is my favorite color !

 There is just something about this peppy creamy color that melts my heart a bit. 

Today I am showing off some orange themed pieces from the online shop : Always Chic Boutique. One of the best things about this trendy store is that they offer free shipping on every single order & everything in the store is $49 or less !! Mandi, the owner, takes pride in making fashion fun and affordable for every woman, and I just LOVE that !! 

**Keep in mind all of these pictures were taken by my 5 year old son. I think he did a wonderful job but I know I need to look into getting a remote for my camera. Let me add that he enjoys photography, he has been begging me to have his own blog and YouTube channel LOL !  **

Both the chunky ring and Aztec print gold earrings are from the shop but are not on the site just yet - coming soon! The earrings are a tad larger than ones I would normally wear but I was watch the CW show 'Star Crossed' the other day (do you watch that ?) and the main characters best friend was wearing a pair exactly like this!  I was a total dweeb about it too. I was all  "Mike look I have ones just like those"  :-)
This here is the Aztec Print Cardigan
The material of this cover up is just light enough to wear on a breezy Spring day. Plus I love the print. The sleeves were ever so slightly short on me but I also have really long arms - like really weirdly long arms - this is a common problem for me, which I blame my mom for :-)
As for the chunky ring - ahhh I love this ! I have worn this several times. It is a stretch type ring so it'll fit everyone and match just about everything! The shiny black zebra like stripes against the sparkling rhinestones goes with just about everything in my wardrobe. 
This here is a fabulous tunic top that is just long enough to wear alone or with a pair of black tights or even jeans. I totally rocked this with a pair of dark washed jeans the other night. The fabric is a silky, light weight and flowy. This on trend orange/black chevron print top goes perfectly with gold accent pieces like the chunky ring. 
As for sizing both the cardigan and tunic dress/shirt are a size XL. Now on the site I'm not sure if she has this size actually listed on the site BUT I would just shoot her a quick email and check if you find something you are really loving. 

Which Always Chic Boutique piece is your favorite ? Comment below...

Bonus pics and behind the scenes shots ...

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