Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I Survived My First Spin Class | #SparkleMeFit

I did it ! 

I stepped out of my comfort zone and did a cycling / spin class this morning!!

Big thanks to my gym buddy for giving me the extra push of peer pressure I needed :-) 
Sports Bra : Victoria's SecretDouble Layer Top : Ellie - Check out the back of this top its really cute ! 
I am also wearing my Fitbit Flex.

45 minutes of INTENSE non-stop fat burning cardio - This class was no joke! 

I just about had a panic attack just walking in the room and realizing the only available bike was in the front row smack dab in front of the instructor. Luckily she was super cool and even came over to explain the jist of the class, help me adjust my bike accordingly and show my how to pedal with my foot slightly pointed down. 

Once the class started I was worried I was wimping out and not doing enough resistance on the bike but boy I was selling myself short. Not even 5 minutes into the class I was literally dripping with sweat! Much like Zumba classes I have taken in the past we moved, well pedaled, along to heart thumping club music. 

The instructors commentary was really neat and motivating too. She would say things like, OK now we are climbing the hill. We would then have to raise the resistance and stand up while pedaling, then at the top have to sit all the way back on the seat on the same resistance - Holy Moglie that right there is tough! But I just kept telling myself (in my head of course not out loud) 

Do I really want to dead stop in front of all these people ? NO. I want to lose the weight ,right? Yes. Ok so shut up and keep pedaling. 

One thing I'm really glad I did was bring a towel with me. When I do my regular routine, whether its a weight training day or a cardio / elliptical day I never really need a towel. I usually just grab a paper towel at one of the stations. But with being on the bike I couldn't get on and off to wipe my brow so the towel came in handy. I also draped my towel across the top of the bike (I saw the other girls doing this) I'm glad I did that too. It softened up the grips of the bike a bit and kept me from getting icky grippy sticky on the rubbery plastic. Oh and from touching something the very sweaty man that was on the bike before me touched. 

Overall I would call today's work out a success - I can already feel some discomfort in the inner thighs - yesterday was leg day too so it could be that too. OH and my crotchular area is already quite sore from the hard bike seat. Actually half the class was a mental battle to not want to give up just because of my sore bum. And yet I would totally do one of these classes again !! 

Have you ever done a spin class ? Would you do one now ?


  1. I'm super intimidated by spin class, haha!
    lexi // thelittlebrunette

  2. DONT BE ! Dude if I can do it you totally could and that sounds totally cliche but I seriously woke up that morning with a million and 1 excuses not to go - I actually stayed up that night till 2am watching the lunar eclipse ( http://www.sparklemepink.com/2014/04/amazing-photos-from-rare-blood-moon.html ) but I still pushed through and did it :-) so glad I broke the ice !

    P.S. I have no idea how you did that text linky thing ^

  3. Just found your blog! I am working up to trying a spin class myself...thanks for letting us other newbs know it is not as scary as we are imagining!