Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Family Yoga Lifestyle : Our Toddler Yoga Mats from Bendi Baby : Review & Pictorial

*I have received product samples to facilitate this review. This post contains my own honest opinions.
Before I even begin I want to say that I love following Bendi Baby on Instagram (@bendibabyThat is where I first found out about and fell in love with these adorable toddler sized yoga mats. 

 Now I am not a yoga pro but I do enjoy doing stretches - especially post gym workouts and on those long never ending days. My little munchkins saw me doing these moves and started to join in. Which got me thinking, they should have mats of their own and I remembered seeing Bendi BabyIn an effort to encourage and include both of my yogis we got two of these toddler sized yoga mats.
 I have to say they shipped & arrived super fast!! Of course the kids unwrapped them instantly upon arrival. They were super anxious to have their own special zone for practicing their yoga on. What was really cool (and I'm sure unintentional) was that one mat came rolled with the yellow side facing out and the other with the purple facing out. So naturally my daughter chose the one with the purple facing outwards and my son swooped up the yellow. Both mats are exactly the same. Each mat has a yellow more squishier side for stimulating activity - perfect for tummy time and a purple side which has a more traditional yoga mat texture which emanates a calming vibe Both sides provide the perfect amount of grippiness and soft cooshie comfort. 
Fun Fact: These toddler mats are nearly two times thicker than traditional adult mats. 6mm (1/4+ in)
 Another wonderful quality about these Bendi Baby mats is that they have a built in antibacterial property to them. I find they wipe clean easily too with just a quick swipe from a wet wash cloth. They are made of an Eco Friendly Material PER (Polymer Environmental-Friendly Resin) and are 16 inches wide and 36 inches long. 

Tip: I make sure to have the kids wash their hands with soap and water before touching their mats. The oils in your hands will can muck up the mats real fast. I do this with my regular sized yoga mat too ! Check out what mat I use : Aurorae Yoga Mat and Bag Review
 I love how multi purpose our mat have become. The kids have been enjoying them for practicing their yoga moves but also as an all around fun play mat. Our downstairs is all tiled floors so if they don't want to sit directly on the chilly floor they put these down and are good to go. Theirs have been used as magic flying carpets, pirate ships and safe zones from volcanic lava too :-) Seeing my little ones play together with the mats alone makes them totally worth while ! Check out some other ways to encourage sibling bonding in this Inspiring Sibling Bonding post. 

I am so happy to have these Tot sized yoga mats for the kids - they are totally worth it !! I can see us using these for several years to come.

Head over to to order your own Baby or Tot Yoga Mats

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Some of my little yogis favorite moves 

-- Some bonus pics of my cuties. Sorry I couldn't help myself --