Monday, April 7, 2014

Bottle Pets: Baby Bottle Cover Review

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  Now as you guys know I don't have a baby-baby anymore wahhh! My two munchkins are out of the baby bottle stage but I thought these Bottle Pets looked so flippin' cute that I couldn't pass up the opportunity to share them with you guys. Luckily, my blogging friend, Marissa from over at Mommy Knows What's Best  has an adorable son who still uses bottles and agreed to try out and review these on behalf of SMP. 
Bottle Pets 
 Babies love to play all the time, and mealtime is no exception. After all, playing is how babies learn! While Mom or Dad is feeding the baby a bottle, the baby likes to grab hold of shirts, necklaces, ears, or anything those chubby little arms can reach. But what about when babies learn to hold the bottle by themselves? Where's the fun in a plain ol' cylinder? Bottle Pets were designed to bring the fun back to bottle feeding! They are bottle covers and stuffed animals all in one! They function as a soft thing for babies to hold as they self-feed and as a toy for when they're done with the bottle. They also safely provide insulation for the baby's drink, keeping it cold or warm. Thanks to Bottle Pets, I received Charlie the Dinosaur to review with my baby boy Dex. He was so excited when I took it out of the package! It's a really cute stuffed animal, and really soft. Bottle Pets says that almost any bottle would fit inside, so I tried my favorite Avent baby bottle since it's a wider bottle. It fit just fine! 
bottle feeding 
Charlie the Dinosaur from Bottle Pets
Dex was able to easily hold his bottle with the Charlie the Bottle Pet on. He even drank all of his milk in one sitting, which is uncommon for this busy little guy. I was a little concerned when Dex dribbled some of his milk onto the Bottle Pet, but luckily all Bottle Pets are machine washable. That's a plus in my book! Dex plays with Charlie even when his bottle isn't inside. He pushes Charlie in his truck and puts his smaller toys inside Charlie's mouth to 'eat'. 

bottle feeding 
Charlie the Dinosaur going along for the ride!
A Bottle Pet would be a great baby shower or birthday gift! They retail for $19.99. There are other really cute and cuddly Bottle Pets to choose from, including:
  • Riley the Bunny
  • Drew the Ladybug
  • Dylan the Octopus
  • Bailey the Cow
  • Sammy the Bulldog
  • Gracie the Pig

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