Friday, March 21, 2014

Disney FROZEN : Inspiring Sibling Bonding Through #FROZENFun

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Right off the bat FROZEN had a lot to prove
This was the first movie we decided to take both of the kids to see at the theater. We had tried this with another movie earlier in 2013 but had to walk out before the opening credits finished. Luckily FROZEN's heart warming story line of sisterly bonding and playful characters like the comedic Sven the reindeer, we made it out alive. Not only that but I would call this adventure a totally success! The whole drive home both kids were belting out the catchy tune "Do You Want To Build A Snowman" together. Actually they enjoyed the movie so much that once the DVD release date was announced the kids started a daily countdown on the kitchen white board. Every morning they would rush to update the count, together!

I have to admit I am a total mush when it come to the kids doing little things like this together. Especially with them being brother and sister. See I grew up with two younger sisters so it was pretty easy for us to bond over girly stuff, which only makes me worry that my two kiddos won't have much in common. I really believe this movie has inspired them to connect in several ways.

So when the count down ran out on Tuesday morning (March 18th) we all went to Walmart, together, to pick up our copy of Disney FROZEN on DVD. 
Awesomely I noticed it was on 'roll back' from $16.96 to $14.96 at Walmart!! Something else to keep in mind, there is a coupon on specially marked packages of Eggo Waffles (24 count) for$5 off the FROZEN DVD!
  Let me know in the comments below if you have picked up your copy yet.

They couldn't even wait until we got home to start enjoying the FROZEN toys and books together!
And why yes my little Sophia, by her own request, does have "Anna hair". That has been a thing for her all week, "Mommy I want my hair to look like Anna's"

Back home we opened up the 'Flip & Switch Castle'  for Sophia while Anthony ran upstairs to grab some of his Army Men to play along. This set came with the adventurous Annaour favorite character next to the lovable snowman Olaf. "Hi, I'm Olaf and I like warm hugs" 
Even after I popped the movie in they continued to play and reenact their favorite scenes.  Here they are snacking on some FROZEN inspired cookies (I'll show you what I did - it's super easy ! Disney FROZEN Inspired Cookies : A Simple Sweet Treat ) and enjoying one of their favorite songs, "In Summer". This is a song sung by Olaf, the snowman, dreaming about what it would be like to experience the sun and sand in summer. It's really an adorable song! 
FROZEN has inspiring my children to enjoy sibling bonding and comradery through imaginative play and quiet reading time

Especially with this being my sons 'Spring Break' I am really glad Walmart had such a large selection of FROZEN books to choose from!! I got to sneak in a little sight word / reading practice and he didn't even know it, or at least didn't lead on that it was 'work'. He was too enthralled with the fact that there were books about the movie he loves. We ended up picking out two Step into Reading books, one level 1 and the other a level 2, as well as a Little Golden Book. I have been collecting these Little Golden Books since I was a little girl. It's nostalgic having my kids add to the collection with their own LGB's.
If you haven't already I highly suggest you pick up a copy of FROZEN the movie along with some books and character figurines. My kids have spent much of this week playing together, sing the songs and watching the movie 100 million times - again TOGETHER. It is just worth it to me to see them sitting next to each other on the couch and not bugging one another :-)  

* Let me know your favorite FROZEN moment in the comments below *

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  1. Very cute! My boys love playing "FROZEN" together too! Love having a movie that kids can bond over! #client