Friday, March 21, 2014

Disney FROZEN Inspired Cookies : A Simple Sweet Treat

While the kiddos were watching Disney FROZEN the other day I whipped up some SUPER easy FROZEN Inspired Cookies

Seriously, these are so elementary that they probably don't even need a blog post but I figured why the heck not, right ? 

I started with regular refrigerator cube sugar cookies. Obviously you can get the tubular dough or even make it yourself but this was in the fridge and the quicker and easier something is the better I always say. 
I let the dough sit out for just a few minutes, I wouldn't let them sit more than 5 though. I then sprinkled a bit of the blue toned sugar crystals into my palm and dipped the gooier side (the one that was touching the cardboard) into the palm of sugar and simply placed it face up onto a parchment paper lined cookie sheet. 
Now I only baked these for about 8 minutes. Which with my oven had these just cooked without hardly any browning to them. I am not really a fan of crunchy cookies so I often under cook / just about cook them on purpose. 
I letting them cool and set up for a few minutes still on the cookie sheet before I moved them to the white glass plate and placed them in and ever so clever snowflake shape.
Voila !
Soft and buttery FROZEN inspired sugar cookies 

The kids got a kick out of  them  :-)

What is your favorite beyond easy recipe ? Could be a dessert or a meal ... Comment below

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