Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Color Run 2014 - Tempe, AZ | My First 5K ! #Happiest5K #TCRTempe

Over the weekend I did something I had never done before.

I ran in a race.

Well, actually I didn't really run and it wasn't a timed race but a 3.1 mile / 5K nonetheless, called The Color Run

Known as The Happiest 5K on the Planet, The Color Run consists of runners/joggers/walkers passing through check points of color tossing amazingness. Watch my vlog to see how exactly it all works. 

I had the pleasure of getting plastered with color along side my bestie Sarah ( The latest video we did together - Best in Beauty 2013 ) and a blogging friend of mine. Go check out her blog, Slap Dash Mom.

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Now as you may already know I have started going to the gym on an almost daily basis since mid-November. Yet I was still pretty nervous about my ability to A: Complete the race, B: Complete it and still have energy for the after party, and C: That I could stay on pace with everyone else. When actually I had nothing to worry about. Yes, it is 3 miles of outdoor terrain with hills, slops and slants but I was surprised how quick and effortless the whole race felt. There were of course some people running-running but most everyone else walked while chatted with friends, taking pictures and laughing about who had what color on their hair already. I was also surprised with how many children did the race - I thought was awesome ! I definitely will be taking Anthony with me next time. Something else I didn't expect was that we were done and walking towards the car, even with dancing and enjoying the after party, by 10:30am ish. By the way race began at 7:45am. 

I am so glad I did this !! Now I can say I did a 5K ! 

I am also grateful to have been able to do it with some great friends !!

What you get when you sign up for the run --> 

Now for an obnoxious amount of photos ... enjoy !

My Race Day Makeup 

Rimmel StayMatte Liquid Mousse Foundation

Cover Girl 3 in 1 Foundation

Model in a Bottle makeup setting spray

Studio Gear Cosmetics mineral foundation

Some MaryKay eye shadows

Maybelline & Physicians Formula concealers

Rimmel Stay Blush liquid blush

This is the BEFORE picture I put on Instagram
If you are not following me on Instagram you are truly missing out my friend !
The starting line !
Before color & the Runicorn !! 
My homemade tutu turned pink <3 and you can see the Blue zone coming up !
Here comes the blue !! Pastel colored tutu and tons of pink yeayah !!!

 The finish line !!
After the finish line you get a color packet, headband / sweat band and a granola bar
I wore both my FitBit Flex and Polar Loop activity trackers for the race to see how well they matched up and they were super duper close in numbers ! I actually hit my daily goal for steps half way through the race LOL !! 

My race buddies !!! Sarah and Sadie 

 Have you ever done a race or Color Run before ? Let me know in the comments below :-) 

There is a BlackLight Run coming to my area in May I am seriously considering doing that one too !!

 OH and if you were wondering here is my Instagramed before and after AND my Color Run mani


  1. That is so great that you did that and you have been pushing yourself to go to the gym. I have been trying to get on my workout machine at home. I know it is tough sometimes because you just do not feel like doing it. The race looks like fun. If I had a friend that I could do it with I might have done the one here. Have a great day. :)
    Kristy Bodle

    1. I would totally run with you :-) It was sooo much fun ! and thank you for the support, really REALLY didn't want to go to the gym this morning heck I didn't want to get out of bed ! but I went and did double my normal workout miraculously it was awesome !

  2. so jealous! I've always wanted to do something like this! Looks like a blast! :)

  3. The color run looks like soooo much fun!! I wish I could be a part of it but I'm in a wheelchair...!

    1. Its funny you say that because I saw atleast 3 people there doing the whole race in wheelchairs ! I thought it was awesome that they wheeled themselves too and not pushed the whole time, you could totally do it and it was sooo much fun - deff a bucket list kinda thing :-D

  4. Lol I'm with you! I've never done a race before but I would looove to participate in this one!

  5. OMG, how fun is this?? I would totally do this run, too. I've been meaning to really lost my jelly belly and get on the getting fit wagon but I just sometimes lose motivation :( Looks like you have a total blast here, though.

    xx Donah from sweetjellybean.com