Friday, December 27, 2013

Zaycon Foods : Chicken | Review & Meal Ideas

I first posted about my Zaycon Foods chicken order back in August, A Drive Thru Meat Market ?? & I Just Ordered 40lbs of Chicken ?!?!? , when I placed it but just realized I never did a follow up post about how it actually went. I know I mentioned it on Facebook but that doesn't do this chicken justice! So when I saw a reminder email today about their current Chicken orders going on right now I knew it was the perfect time to revisit the topic. 

I am not even exaggerating this Zaycon chicken is the best chicken I have ever had ! So juicy and fresh - even after freezing and thawing!! I am super impressed with the quality of product Zaycon offers. -- By the way the pick up date for the next chicken order isn't until late February, in my area at least, so you have some time to place your order. These do tend to sell out fast  so I wouldn't wait too long

Can you believe that I picked up my chicken on Oct 19th and we STILL have two extra large freezer bags filled with about 6 dinners portions worth of boneless skinless chicken breast !! See below for some dinners I have made with this chicken. 

So how does Zaycon work ? 
How Zaycon works is you first have to order and pay for how ever many units of product you want online. I ordered one unit of chicken which was 40 lbs.

Then on the day of pickup I simply drive to the location at the designated time, mine was in a local church's parking lot. There a Zaycon rep checked me in from the car, placed a sheet of plastic liner in my trunk, I pulled up a bit and another rep placed the box of chicken and I drove off. So quick and easy !! 

Now I recommend that after you pick up your order that you heading straight home as the meat is not frozen or insulated - except for the cardboard box it is packed in. Back home I opened up the box to find about 6 large blue bags. Each bag held about 3 very large full double breasts. 

I quickly lightly trimmed each section of meat and separated them into dinner sized portions using freezer bags. I then placed about 4 or 5 of these dinner baggies and put them in one extra large freezer bag to prevent freezer burn. It seems to have worked since its been about 2 months and none of it is ruined. The thawed meat taste just good as the fresh meat did that I cooked that night. 

I definitely will be purchasing from Zaycon again. It is a bit of work when you first bring it home, but  it is soooo worth it. Especially if you do it just like I did with trimming ans sectioning it. It's like having a never ending supply of chicken breast in your refrigerator! I have yet to buy chicken from the super market since I picked my order up !! 

Let me know in the comments below if you have ordered from Zaycon before ? 
I am interested in ordering their other products too -- think ground beef, bacon, strawberries and even milk !! 

Some yum meals I have made using this fabulous chicken !

Creamy Chicken Marsala, Chicken Tortilla Soup & some sort of chicken-y pasta with grape tomatoes and asparagus. I have cooked with this chicken way more than these 3 times but I don't think I have pictures of it all :-) 

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  1. I have never heard of a drive thru meat market! The chicken looks great!