Sunday, December 29, 2013

Give The Gift Of Music | Music & Arts

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Music & Arts.
Do you remember the first time you played a musical instrument? I do. It was in fifth grade music class in a brand new school with no friends, yet or activities and I remember the teacher telling us to grab an instrument that caught our interest and try and play it. I swooped up one of the last flutes and tried my best to make some sort of sound from it, and to my surprise I did pretty well.  See in the new school they started students playing instruments in the fourth grade so I was a full year behind everyone else. But after a few lessons and band practices I was joining in with the other kids in my grade and playing as though I had for years. Artsy stuff, for the most part, comes pretty natural to me and I have a feeling my children have a bit of creativity in their blood too.

I don't play the flute anymore but my love for music is still prevalent and I try to highlight music creativity with my kids everyday. Maybe you have seen Anthony's "What Does A Fox Say" harmonica spoof video on Instagram ? Its only like a 10 second video but its cute and it's a musical beginning. By the way in front of him [in the clip] is his 'music sheet' with music notes he wrote :-) 

Did you know that it has actually been proven through studies that music enhances brain function? Which in turn improves reading and math performance, raising SAT and also IQ scores.

So when I was approached by Music & Arts to help raise awareness of the importance of music education and the Music & Arts shop I knew I just had to jump on board. 
Music & Arts is one of the nation’s largest music school company's and provider of lessons in the country. They can be found both online and at more than 115 locationsMusic & Arts has everything from instruments and accessories to lessons and sheet music. It is also a great resource for parents to find all the things a music lovers of all skill levels (beginner, intermediate and expert) needs to succeed.

Check out the Music & Arts’ Gift Guide for some inspiration. It may be a bit late to receive it for Christmas day but that doesn't mean it wouldn't still make a great - back to school, birthday or just because gift.
  • Soprano size
    Eastern mahogany construction
    Geared tuning machines
    Instruction booklet included
Kohala Exclusive Soprano Ukulele

Between the Ukulele and this kick butt Led Zeppelin sheet music book Anthony is in musical heaven !

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Do you remember what the very first musical instrument as that you ever played ?

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