Monday, November 11, 2013

Save Even More this Holiday Season with a FREE Target Debit Card - NOT a credit card !

Do you have a Target Debit RedCard yet ? 

If not you are seriously missing out !! 

REDcard gives you more. Apply now.
I have one ! 

This is NOT a credit card, but in fact is a debit card directly linked to your bank account. The Target Debit Card works like a check by drawing from your existing checking account - it does take a few days to show up on your bank account so keep in mind how much you spent. No annual fee. Secured PIN access. You can even cash withdrawal up to $40 at checkout in store !! 
REDcard gives you more. Apply now.
Now you might be asking, why not just use your regular Debit/Bank card that already does all that  

Using a Target Debit card has several money saving benefits.

Benefits such as :

5% off   
The REDcard saves you 5% on top of the already low prices on every Target shopping trip, every day. As soon as you're approved, the savings begin. You'll automatically get 5% off when you use your card in Target stores in the United States and on

Free Shipping
When you use your REDcard at, your purchases ship for free. No minimum purchase. And that's on top of the 5% savings you already receive just for shopping with your REDcard. 

30 Extra Days for Returns
Need a little extra time? No problem. In addition to saving 5% off your purchases plus free shipping at, your REDcard lets you enjoy 30 extra days for returns. Great for this time of year since most of us buy gifts early in November when Christmas isn't until the end of December, your RedCard buys you a little more return time - just in case ! 

I really do not see a reason why you shouldn't have one of these cards !! Especially if you plan on shopping online for the Holidays. You will get 5% off AND free shipping. PLUS if you go through a site like SwagBucks or Ebates you will earn money back on your purchasesGetting a Target Debit RedCard is just the smart thing to do.

Sign up for a FREE Target Debit RedCard today and start saving immediately !!

REDcard gives you more. Apply now.


  1. im at target multiple times a week, and keep meaning to get one. i always forget to bring a check with me until im sitting in the parking lot and remember. ugh.

  2. I think I signed up for mine at home online ? I could have sworn - but yes seriously the best way to save money all yr round not just at Christmas time :-)