Sunday, November 24, 2013

Lego Duplo Toy Review | Jake and the Neverland Pirates & Disney's Planes

I received both complete kits complementary of House Party. However, all results and reviews are 100% my own opinion. 
Check out how my Lego Duplo 'House Party' went !

The two Lego Duplo sets I will be going over are the Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Disney's Planes.

 Let me just start off by saying that both set are absolutely adorable and perfect for the age range my children are in right now - Anthony is 5 and in Kindergarten where as Sophia is 2 and very girly. The best part of these sets is that both kids have been playing with BOTH sets TOGETHER non stop since the box arrived. This says a lot about a toy, at least it does for Mike and I. It drives us crazy when we buy the kids toys for them to only play with it once. After that most toys retire to the black hole under their bed along with the dust bunnies. Awesomely that has not been the case with these Lego Duplo sets.
I think these have been a hit because:
1. They are trendy, recognizable characters for the kids - I hear the kids reenacting different scenes from the movie / TV show with their Lego Block characters and creations all the time.
2. Anthony gets a kick out of following the directions to create things like: Jake's Pirate Ship, Bucky or Skipper's Flight School.
3. Where as Sophia would rather just build whatever she wants with what ever color / shapes she pleases. Ah the freedom of blocks.
4. Because they are the Duplo sized Legos they are easy for the kids to maneuver and build with.

This is the Jack and the Neverland Pirates Set. Made up of 3 separate kits :

Pictured above is the Jake's Pirate Ship Bucky set and my favorite out of the 3 because it comes with the ship, an island as well as both Jake and Captain Hook. (Cubby and Izzy not included in this set, see below)
With a ticket price of about $39.99 its the perfect all in one (Holiday or Birthday) gift  for any Toddler - Kindergartner 

Izzy and Cubby come in the mid-sized set. With a slide, rotating lookout tower, tree, gold doubloon and other assorted Duplo bricks. Price ~ $24.99
The third kit - Comes with Jake, a row boat and assorted Duplos to build a fun gold doubloon hide out. ~ Price $14.99
This is the Disney's Planes Set. Also made up of 3 separate kits : 
Picture above is the largest of the 3 sets and includes DustySkipper’s Flight School aka hangar and other decorated Duplo bricks! ~ Price $39.99
The mid-sized kit has my kids favorites : Ripslinger and El Chu, a race tent, flag, trophy and more! ~ Price $24.99 (Dusty is pictured but not included in this set)
On the right hand side of this picture is the smallest of the 3 sets and super cute ! Includes Dusty and best buddy Chug along with a refueling station and tools. ~ Price $14.99

 I am a huge believer in imaginative play. These toys have allowed my kids to do just that. They can choose to follow the picture directions to build the sets as intended or tap into their imagination and play with the characters in their own way.

Let me know what you think about these set in the comments below - Will you be picking up any of these this Holiday season ??


  1. I love these! They would make a perfect gift for my nephews. I love that these kits inspire creativity and really allow a child to explore his or her imagination. Great review!

    1. Thank you ! My kids still play with these , they truly have standed the test of time with my kiddos :-)