Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving !!!

Hi everybody !!! I wanted to write this quick shout out to all of my loyal and amazing readers. :-) 

 I hope you have a wonderfully warm and love filled day with friends and family !! 

We are headed over to my in-laws in a little bit to play some football and chow down on turkey woop woop !! 

What are you thankful for ?
I am thankful for my family both here in Arizona and in New York. For Mike (hubby) because he provides for the children and I so that I may stay home with the children and write my blog. I am of course thankful for my two beautiful, healthy children -- AJ still has a bit of a cold but overall my kids are totally healthy. I am thankful for this beautiful house we live in, to the car we drive and the richness of friendships we have forged over the years here in Arizona. Speaking of friends I am especially grateful for all of you !! I wouldn't be able to do some of the stories / reviews / videos that I do get to do with out all of you and I thank you for spending a part of your day with me and my family :-) !! 

Now for the elephant in the room ...
Are you guys going shopping tonight ?? I am not planning on it but who know right ? I have been scoping out the deals here online and they are the same is not very close to the price that they will be in the stores tonight !! 

What have you bought so far ?? I literally am at a stalemate with what to get the kids ( 5 yr old boy & almost 3 yr old girl) I DID finally get AJ the Skylanders Swap Force starter kit  phew. I now need to get some more little Skylander dudes from Targets Black Friday sale they are Buy 2 Get 1 Free

-- Other than turkey what are you most excited about chowing down on today ? --

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