Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Playskool ShowCam Review

I was super excited to find out I would be able to review the Playskool Showcam 2-in-1 Digital Camera and Projector through  Bzzagent's free word of mouth program. The kids and I couldn't wait for it to arrive. The kids opened it up right away and I began reading instructions. The features of it are pretty simple with large buttons and sounds to guide the kids along. I think my 5 yr old uses it the most using its picture taking, goofy frames and sound effects to snap some snazzy and random pictures. 
The camera also has a projector feature. 
Simply flip the switch on the front of the camera to project the pictures onto a blank wall. 
Its broad day light right now but you get the idea of the projection feature 
The kids get a kick out of this. As for me the quality of the image both on the lit screen and the projected image are poor quality - very low grade. Nowadays my kid has supervised access to my 'real' camera as well as our iPhones and such if he wants to take pictures that he can actually make out what they are. For me the picture quality is lacking. However because the features are super kid friendly and the structure of the camera is quite bulky - aka safe in little hands - easy to hold - I let me play with it unattended. The Playskool ShowCam has no memory card to worry about which is great but it also did not come with the cord to connect it to the computer. 
Overall, there ARE some positives as I mentioned already: it has a sturdy construction, kid sized grips and the projector ability is a cool concept. But for me, this camera isn't worth it's high price tag with its poor picture quality and lack of ability to share the photos with others easily. -- Price (Walmart) : $49.88 Was: $59.88 - Rollback
These are my kiddos fav add ons - Birthday Hat, Pigtails and Mustache -- he puts a mustache on everything ! 
These are pretty clear pictures of the screen - I would upload some to the computer but I don't have a cord that fits -- Sophia and Mike - Sophia with a Viking hat Big Tony with glasses, googlie eyes and a mustache 

What Playskool says about the ShowCam :

  • Simple controls, big buttons and kid-sized hand grips so your child can focus on the shot, not figuring out features
  • Put their own original spin on the photos of the world around them with 50+ ways to customize pics including silly stamps and sounds, instant short stories and fun animations
  • Instantly take advantage of their excitement to show off their one-of-a-kind creations with family and friends by projecting photos onto any surface with only the flip of a switch
  • Cameras available in both gray and pink options

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