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NEW Luvs Diapers - Review #TheClueIsInTheBlue @SheSpeaksUp

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I am so over buying diapers. 

Sophia is now 2 and a half so the days of buying diapers are almost behind me. However, just because I can see the light at the end of the 'diaper changing' tunnel doesn't mean I get to just buy any ol' diapers. Actually, if anything, the quality and type of diaper I use now is even more important now that Sophia is older. Because the older the kid the fuller the diaper if you know what I'm saying. Luckily I have had the opportunity to try out Luvs NEW Super Absorbent Leak Guard Diapers in exchange for my truthful review of them. 

This is what Luvs has to say about them 

The secret is out! 

Luvs has created a super absorbent diaper that is available at Walmart. It's 15% more absorbent than other Luvs, so we are hoping you can help spread the word. Moms everywhere need to know!
In my opinion these diapers do the job. 

With a light baby powder like scent to them these diapers absorb very well. I haven't had any troubles with leaking at all ! They do tend to bloat up quite a bit when wet, making diaper changing time more obvious , compared to with other diapers. They also have this sort of granular feeling to them when dry but Sophia hasn't seemed to notice or find discomfort in them. She also has not suffered from a diaper rash from the switch over to these diapers - which I can not say the same about another big brand diaper that starts with a P that we tried when she was younger. Overall between their excellent absorbing power and the value of their price to quantity of diapers I give these diapers a thumbs up ! 

Now I am being told that these new and improved Luvs can be found exclusively at Walmart. You are also going to want to make sure you get the package that has the big blue Super Absorbent seal that's where the #TheClueIsInTheBlue comes in. These are the ones that include the bonus feature of Night Lock - AKA your kiddo is going to make it through the night without wetting through the diaper, clothes sheets -- I am sure we've all been there. And if they don't work out for you Luvs has an awesome 100% satisfaction guarantee policy.

Have you used Luvs diapers in the past ? After this review are you open to trying them again ??
Let me know in the comment section below :-)

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This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Luvs

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