Thursday, October 24, 2013

Look Fantastic on your Winter Sun Holiday

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Depressed by the onset of cold weather, rain and the need to drag the coats and boots from the back of the cupboard until next spring? You are not alone. Britain’s weather is anything but boring, and over the course of the year it swings from heat waves to traffic halting snow. Winter is the season most people dread, and can put even the happiest of souls in a terrible mood. It’s not surprising then, that many Brits decide to head abroad between October and March in search of warmer climes to cheer themselves up.

The only problem with going on holiday out of season is packing. Finding out you don't have enough shorts or bikinis can be problematic. Especially since all the shops seem to have in stock are coats, scarves and sheepskin boots. Luckily you can choose from a great range of swimwear from George at ASDA all year round, so you can fully equip yourself for a Christmas tan. Follow these great tips for looking fab in your beachwear on your winter sun break.
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Just because you are in minimal attire is no reason to go short on a bit of bling. Accessorize your beachwear with matching jewelry or sparkly flip-flops to add a bit of glam to your look. Or, if you are worried too many add-ons will create tan lines, or stop you from dipping in and out of the sea or pool, then choose a swimsuit that has some glitz built in. There are lots of pretty bikinis and costumes from George at ADSA that have sparkles, metallic detailing and vibrant colors all as part of the design, so you can get the look simply and without fuss.
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Give yourself a bit of TLC before you leave. It’s all too easy to neglect yourself when you are spending most of your time in trousers and long sleeves. It’s important to keep on top of a beauty routine though, as the change in temperature from warm to cold happens suddenly and can take its toll on your skin as well as your mood. Adopt a good moisturizing routine and exfoliate well to get your body beach ready. If you can’t bear the thought of exposing your winter white legs, then consider fake tan before you set off so you can bare all with confidence. Faking it is also safer than sunbeds or laying by the pool for hours, and protecting your skin is even more important in the winter months, as you will have less resistance to UV rays, so do make sure to pack a sunscreen with a high enough factor. 

Getting away for a dose of sunshine and warmth is a great way to beat the winter blues and return refreshed and re-enthused. There are many great holiday destinations in the southern hemisphere that have the opposite weather pattern to the UK, so all that’s left to do is book, and get shopping for a new bikini. You might not get to show off much of your tan when you come home, but you can certainly make the most of it while you’re away.

This is a sponsored guest post

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