Thursday, October 24, 2013

How Breast Cancer Has Effected Our Lives

Breast Cancer Awareness month is almost over. However, helping others and raising awareness continues all year round 
Our Story
My mom is the typical busy mom. During the day she works her full time job and at night she works part time as a cashier, all while raising us 3 girls. She definitely has her hands full. Which meant putting off / canceling doctor appointments (for herself) happened more often than not. Lets face it, going to the doctors is a pain in the butt. They are going to check the same things they checked last year, use the same old lame one liners (bazinga) and tell you the same ol' 'your doing great keep it up' shpeal ... until they don't.

My mom had put off this yearly 'well visit' appointment at least twice before she gave in and went. 

This was the appointment that would change our lives forever.

My mom diagnosed in January 2008 with breast cancer. The same week we found out I was 19 and pregnant with my first kiddo. I had already moved to Arizona by that point and felt so distant from everything she was going through. I remember having selfish moments, thinking, how could I have a baby with my mom across the country or what if this took her and she wasn't here at all ? The thought petrified me. But we stayed positive and connected through the miraculous internet and hours upon hours of chatting (and crying) on the phone. Did I mention my mom kept her full time job all through her surgeries and chemo treatments ?? I know !! Looking back I think she was a crazy cat !!

Fast forward to that May - I was lucky enough to have been able to fly back to New York for my baby shower while also getting to visit my momma. Actually being there to physically give her hugs and show her my love and support meant the world to me. But the time came for me to fly back to Arizona, I'm pretty sure I bawled the whole 6 hour flight. Only a few weeks later I gave birth to her first grand son but she wasn't able to be there and absorb all his amazingness because she was still going through radiation treatments. I hate that, I hate that she couldn't be there to this day. Not just for me but for being her first grand kid. Missing his first cry, first smile, first everything - all of it because she couldn't miss a treatment, would have had a hard time flying and the radiation was still in her system deeming it unsafe to be around an infant for periods of time. It makes me angry thinking that she missed those moments because of breast cancer. But again the internet allowed me to share millions of photos of the little munchkin -- seriously I don't know how people did it before the internet.

Fast forward again to 2013. She has been back to the doctors several times now and all the tests have come back negative - woop woop - My mom kicked cancers ass - seriously she is amazing. I know there are tons of other survivors but of course, this is the one case that counts the most to me.

Which brings me to Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. Every year my two sisters in NY along with my mommy walk in the Making Strides of the Hudson Valley walk. This year the walk is on Sunday, October 20, 2013. ( Sunday October 16, 2016 ) Donations are open at least until the end of the month though. Being that I live in AZ I have not been able to do the walk with her, which is why we created her a team web pageI feel like this is my way of showing her my support even though I can't be there to walk with her. 

We would LOVE if you headed over to our team page to read more about the cause and donate.

Any and all donations are greatly appreciated !!!! 

BONUS for 2016 donations ... Included with all donations totaling $15 or more is the option to receive a one year subscription (valued by Condé Nast at $10) to your choice of one of the following: Glamour, Self, Bon Appetit or Condé Nast Traveler magazines. All eligible donations will receive the redemption information on their donation confirmation page. 

For my beauty lovers in our awesome Sparkle Me Pink community that means you could help my mom out AND get a year of Glamour magazine ! 

Again THANK YOU for taking the time to watch this video and be sure to comment down below if you or someone close to you is a survivor so we may spread internet love, hugs and support. 

My Mom and my middle sister, Melissa at the 2016 walk. 


Let me know if you are interested in purchasing one of our T shirts too.

I would also love to here your story feel free to email me privately or share a tid bit in the comments below :-) 

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