Thursday, October 24, 2013

Finding My Signature Scent #ScentSavings | Justin Bieber's Girlfriend

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Justin Bieber's Girlfriend | Finding My Signature Scent #ScentSavings #shop
I feel like I am the only person in the world without a signature scent. Of course I wear perfumes and body sprays almost daily, but I don't have that one perfume that I go back to time and time again. One that when people, especially my hubby, catches a whiff of it and thinks of me. I get bored with fragrances after a while and tend to switch them up each season. I have heard that people often associate a fragrance with their memories, and who doesn't want to be more memorable ?
So my quest began to find my new seasonal signature scent.

Who knew there were so many amazing fragrances to choose from ?! I came to find out that Walmart, of all places, even carried "real" perfumes such as the ever popular celebrity ones and other designer perfumes and colognes - who wouldn't want to smell like a fancy shmancy celebrity ?? Think Taylor Swift or Nicki Minaj. So after spending about an hour in the fragrance aisle, sniffing everything I could (Sophia got in on the sniffing too) I finally came across the perfect perfume; I think my selection may surprise you. I chose Justin Bieber's women's fragrance, Justin Bieber's Girlfriend
Justin Bieber's Girlfriend | Finding My Signature Scent #ScentSavings #shop
My store even had $3 off coupons attached to the Bieber fragrances !! 
I know right ? I am not some pre teen - teenie bopper. I don't even know his songs, well maybe just that one. But that is beside the point, this fragrance was perfect ! 
It just makes me feel good


maybe even a little fancy
Justin Bieber's Girlfriend | Finding My Signature Scent #ScentSavings #shop
The packaging, I think, is super cute !
Justin Bieber's Girlfriend | Finding My Signature Scent #ScentSavings #shop
They did however have these Scratch and Sniff stickers 

My Walmart didn't have little testers of these higher end fragrances but my friend in the next town over said her Wally had a bunch of testers out. Definitely worth a stop and sniff next time you're in your local Walmart. 

Now I don't think this one has become my core 'signature scent' but I did like it enough to purchase it as my this seasons signature scent! Bieber s Girlfriend even scores points with the hubby. He was just as surprised that he liked it too. 
Justin Bieber's Girlfriend | Finding My Signature Scent #ScentSavings #shop
Justin Bieber's Girlfriend comes in two sizes; 1 FL OZ and .5 FL OZ
To give you better insight into the official fragrance information, I found the following facts on the product info website.. The fragrance opens with plenty of sweet fruits like strawberry, blackberry, and mango. Base notes include white amber and musk that provide balance, while a few floral middle notes complete the scent. This perfume is perfect for me. Not over powering or super sugary sweet and definitely not woods-y. It's the perfect blend of girliness in a bottle. So for now I will spritz myself every morning with a little Bieber-ness 

P.S. Bieber if you are reading this you should totally come out with a men's cologne !!

Check out the fragrance section at your local Walmart next time you are running errands. It was worth it to me, the convenience of it being in a store I'm in all the time plus the added savings benefit of Walmart's pricing and Roll Back Savings. #scentsavings :-)

Let me know in the comments below : What is your go-to fragrance right now ?

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