Friday, October 25, 2013

Eye Lash Extensions Review and Info | Lash Out Arizona

Have you ever considered getting eye lash extensions ? 
Hey I know what you may be thinking - At first, to me at least, it seemed like one of the most silliest and most tedious beauty regimes out there. But that was before I was shown the eye lash extension proverbial light. Think about it, on occasions when we want to look our best most women apply a strip of false lashes to finish off their look ... what if I didn't have to do that anymore? Didn't have to fuss with sticky gloopy glue and worrying about the lashing falling off half way through your date night, um #embarrassing !! Or what if you didn't even have to apply mascara at all  ?? Dude that would be amazing !! 
Eye Lash Extensions Review and Info | Lash Out Arizona
So when I heard that one of my friend, Ashley, started doing lashes I knew I had to check it out. I am so grateful to have received my first full set of lashes [ in exchange for my truthful review ] courtesy of Ashley and her in home eye lash extension business named Lash Out Arizona

Some Info on Lash Out Arizona - Eye Lash Extensions 

What are the extensions exactly ?
The type of lashes Ashley uses on her clients are high quality individual Mink hairs. They look like this. 
Eye Lash Extensions Review and Info | Lash Out Arizona
There are several different lengths and thickness of lashes to choose from too. You can have any thing from a more natural fuller look done to a super dramatic sexy look. I am too chicken to try out the dramatic looks yet maybe at my next fill ? What do you think ??

How do they stay on and for how long ?
Ashley applies each individual Mink lash with an adhesive glue to each of the clients natural lashes. The process does take quite a while. About a hour each eye. For me it is soooo worth it. Plus you are sitting their with your eyes closed so do what I do and enjoy laying down, listen to the music in the background and relax. Or also be like me and talk Ashley's ears off the whole time ;-) back to the lashes. you can expect the lashes to last you about 2-3 weeks, depending on care. At the 2-3 weeks period or when you feel like a touch up is needed, simply make an appointment for a fill. Just like with acrylic tips there is little daily maintenance but routine fills and touch ups are needed to continually keep your lashes looking full and fabulous. 
Eye Lash Extensions Review and Info | Lash Out Arizona
Here are my results | The pictures don't lie, eye lash extensions are miracle workers !! 
What do you mean by 'depending on care' ?
With eye lash extensions and the type of adhesive that is used you should not use oil based make up removers or facial cleansers. The oil will wipe them right off. Another tip is to brush them out using a spoolie brush in the morning and at night / after you shower. This helps to keep them facing the correct direction - hey even my natural lashes sometimes go all googly sideways. Rubbing your eyes or playing with the lashes is also (obviously) not recommended. 
Eye Lash Extensions Review and Info | Lash Out Arizona
Is it weird having lashes on ALL the time?
For me no it is not. It was a bit strange the first hour or so after they were applied the first time - but after that I didn't even feel / remember they were there. Until I went to wash my face or something. Not that it changed much. I am just more aware of how rough I am on / around my eyes. The gentler you are on them the longer the lashes will last - and the less wrinkles you'll get from tugging at your eyes - double bonus !!

If you live in the East Valley of Arizona - Queen Creek, Chandler, Gilbert, San Tan Valley, Mesa and I'm sure there are others I am missing and you are wanting to try out eye lash extensions I HIGHLY recommend you give Ashley : Lash Out Arizona a call.  ( Phone number is listed on her Lash Out Arizona FaceBook page) You won't regret it. Her attention to detail, professional demeanor and quality of service is wonderful. PLUS her prices are super affordable too. Other than looking fabulous without mascara or falsies Ashley's eye lash extension services would be perfect for prom, family pictures, vacations, wedding or even as bridal party gift - wont have to worry about running mascara in your special days pictures !! 

Let me know if you get have eye lash extensions or would consider getting them after reading this review / info post in the comments below. 

**Also if you have any other questions about eye lash extensions, please feel free to ask them in the comment below :-)


  1. My question is--- does your friend know anyone reputable in the KC area :) LOL, or what should we look for when seeking a professional to do our lashes?

  2. Why would one trade *maybe* 2 minutes/day (which comes out to less than 45 minutes every three weeks) for 2 HOURS every 2-3 weeks? (And I'm guessing a lot more money?)

    1. My justification is that it is one less thing I have to worry about - like when you get acrylic nails at the salon why pay more when you can get a bottle of polish at the drugstore and do it yourself - same thing - I don't have to worry about my lashes drouping / not staying curled or Long and thick looking throughout the day nor do I have to worry if I am swimming or crying that my mascara is running

    2. I naturally have thick curly lashes I don't NEED extensions but I know everytime I look in the mirror even on the crappiest of makeup days and I still look kind if put together with having my lashes done - also some ladies don't have very long , thick, curly natural lashes and need a little help this would be a great alternative to expensive mascara's - I like the look of them verses just mascara too :-) HTH !!