Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dear John Mayer,

Dear John,
48 hours ago I could probably only name about to 2 of your songs with maybe a few lyrics from each. It's not that I'm not a fan of your music, I just haven't been follow much of anyone's music since having my 2 kiddos. Sounds weird right ? But anyways, I was invited last minute to attend your concert at the Ak Chin Pavilion in Phoenix Arizona by a dear best friend (and JM super fan) to which I said why the hell not ? I'll be honest I didn't expect much from the show - figured you would play a few songs, I would hum along and we would be on our merry way home. But it became much more than that. 

Actually upon arrival to the pavilion we were met by some lovely, lovely ladies in a white Jeep, NOT, but we didn't let it bring down our spirits. We made our way in to the VIP lounge - which by the way Ak Chin Pav. was set up very nicely. I'm talkin' cushy outdoor seating, acoustic ambiance and a catered dinner which came with what I was told were "special" cupcakes ;-) Chillin' in the lounge my bestie and I met up with a wonderful gal pal she made through one of your fan hashtags on Instagram. She is actually from Brazil of all random places. Funny thing there was also another set of fans who we ran into in the lounge who also met on Instagram also through a JM hashtag. We all agreed it was your amazingness that brought us all together. You connect people [through your music] from all across the country and even continents!! That is how powerful and relate-able you are. 

After eating and chatting with some other super fans  in the lounge we made our way across the venue to the tent to take our pictures in front of the album cover background and grab a free #MayerisBack support bracelets. #paradisevalley
'In 2009, he began a partnership with NCIRE, bringing live music to Veterans around the country and directing a portion of his concert ticket sales to support Veterans health research' -

We also took some free shots of X Rated Vodka - eh it was O.K. very sweet- and headed to our third row seats to enjoy the opening act, Phillip Phillips. Again I honestly had no idea who he was but that didn't matter. I was in love with him and his music after his first song. I really don't get how people were just sitting there not grooving along during his {or yours for that matter}. It seriously BLOWS MY MIND. I truly appreciate both your and Phil's obvious love and respect for music. And yea I totally just called him Phil we are cool like that now ;-)  Even as a non fan now new fan I could feel your guys passion in performing, your connection with your band and back up singers - all of your guys energy was totally in-sync and contagious. Dude, your random solo jam sessions --- ahhh --- swoon !! 

Speaking of energy, I am most certain you saw us too - hey I have video proof people LOL - we were the two #vibingup hippie chicks with a poster sign and I had an awesome daisy headband on, oh yea I rocked that headband ! The girls said it would catch your eye and since I actually do wear it outside of concerts I didn't feel like too much of a weirdo/poser. Plus I made it so its an SMP original :-) I do want to add I am pretty sure the security guy thought I was high or something because of how great of a time I was having -- no people I don't do drugs, I like to drink but drugs aren't and never have been my thang. 

Overall, the whole night was a wonderful experience. A night I will never forget. I am so incredibly grateful that my bestie chose me to go along with her. After the concert a lady Donna approached me and said she had a signed poster of your Paradise Valley album cover that she wanted to give to a super fan, of course I thanked her a million times than immediately turned around and gave it to my bestie - she after all has been a super fan of yours for ages -- did I mention she had tickets to your last concert that had to be canceled #heartbroken but after Wednesday night I think its pretty well mended :-) Back to the signed poster, we get to the car and look at it, it is a poster copy of the album cover but it wasn't signed :-( major bummer but we aren't ungrateful its totally still going to get framed. I'm pretty sure my bestie has already printed some of the millions of photos we took that night to go into a collage style shadow box. We soaked up our gloominess over the poster in some IHOP pancakes after the fact, eh it kind of helped. 

In conclusion dear friend, your performance and overall adorableness has made me your newest super fan. I mean ain't gunna be tattooin' your face on my derriere any time soon but I am going to follow you and your future records --> bt dubs I am a transplant to Arizona so feel free to read this for the full effect in a New York accent. I was after all #bornandraised in Upstate NY and still have my whole family there too -- oh yea, like how I did that hashtag there guys ;-) ? I would most definitely love to attend another one of your shows or possibly volunteer at the VHIP booth. And maybe if you get the chance you could maybe hook my bestie up with a true signed copy of your album cover poster ?! That would be super. 

I wish you luck in Europe - Enjoy every moment - Soak it all in - 

Your fans really love you I got to experience it first hand, and its pretty knarly. 

Thank you for reminding me how much I missed and love music.

- Sincerely,  
  Your Newest Fan - Michelle

We are a special kind of fan LOLOL

On our way 

I got out of the car and walked down the road to get this pic of the pavilion scroll sign :-)
I needed an energy boost - Burger King Iced Coffee -- not my favorite but it did the job
At the Gate and in the VIP lounge dinner was delicious 

The "special" cupcake and some amazing Kale salad, pita bread pieces and Penne and Shrimp Alfredo 

No concert is complete with out a photo bomb pic  --- or a pic of me with my daisy flower crown 
You are loved -- just look at their faces -- so many fricken people in one place !! 
I totally almost had an anxiety attack but then you started playing and I forgot my worries 
You totally looked at us and smiled -- at least that is what we are telling ourselves :-) 
Gorgeous background 
No John your body is a wonderland ;-)
The sign our new Brazilian friend held up 

Blurry pic with the "signed" poster 
Mid-night IHOP snack
Don't judge me because I wanted chocolate chip pancakes AND onion rings hehe they were bomb!!

Set List :
Queen of California 
Paper Doll
Slow Dancing in a Burning Room
Waiting on the Day 
Who Says 
Friend of the Devil
Your Body is a Wonderland
Edge of Desire
Lost at Sea
Something Like Olivia
Half of My Heart
I Don't Trust Myself
Waiting on the World to Change
If I Ever Get Around to Living
Age of Worry
Dear Marie
On the Way Home
Face to Call Home
Plus the encore 

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