Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sparkle Me Pink's First Blogiversary

A year ago today I set aside my social anxiety and took the plunge by deciding to start my own blog. Having already started up my own small, little girls boutique earlier last year named Sparkle Me Pink Boutique, which is more of a side hobby now,  I figured why not start a spin off page on all things beauty, bargain hunting and mommy related stuffs. And with that Sparkle Me Pink the blog was born. I began blogging by sharing with you posts on the incredibly ridiculous amounts of products I owned, tried out, and was already telling my friends my opinions on. It only made sense to branch out from there and add in some product reviews along with video tutorials on YouTube. I have to say, am incredibly proud of my accomplishments so far with Sparkle Me Pink and only hope that I can continue to share with you guys my fun makeup tutorials, yummy dinner inspirations and of course the inevitable mommy rants.  Seriously this would not be an official woman's blog if it did not include the occasional melt down, LOL !! . I have some wonderful things planned for the upcoming months but am always open to listening to your comments, suggestions, constructive criticisms, etc as well. So don't be shy ! Comment on posts, shoot me an email, post on my Facebook wall I would love to hear from you !! I truly love reading all of your comments both here and on my YouTube videos  I would really like to start posting reader questions on the Facebook page - anonymous of course - questions on everything from beauty related, fashion, couponing, and even mommy related topics. So if you would like some advice please feel free to contact me !! Anyways, Sparkle Me Pink wouldn't be as successful as it is without you my wonderful readers so thank you so much for stopping by and contributing to my sparkly pink world. I really feel we have such a wonderful community here, I  wish I could hug each and everyone of you :-) or at least a high five if your not the hugging type.  I hope you stick around with me and learn something new about yourself, a product, or heck just have a little giggle at my goofiness :-)

- Big Big Hugs -  Michelle

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  1. Happy First Blogiversary! I love reading about things I've not tried, for example your latest post on corsets. Don't own one but they look so cute. Beauty, glamour posts are nice, but also I read the bargain, how-to's or DIY posts. Thanks for a great first year.

    1. What a sweet comment thank you! your making me a misty eye'd now !! I will deff work on some more DIY posts Im totally like that too !

  2. Thanks for the follow up Michelle! Yes the DIY beauty treatments are amazing. Can't believe how much they charge for beauty "potions" when you can usually make your own for lots less.

  3. congrats on you 1 year. Love reading your blogs post.