Monday, September 30, 2013

My Girls Night In - Vintage Glam Party - #realsies #lashbash #yellowtailparty #unrealcandy

I have been beyond lucky to have received not just one party pack but three party packs to highlight during my Girls Night In Party last Saturday!! The first party being House Party's Yellowtail Wine Girls Night In Moscato Party, the second being ipsy's LashBash by Benefit Cosmetics and third a campaign with UnReal Candy Chocolates. I mean seriously - wine, chocolates and makeup ?! How much better could it get ??? I am also lucky enough to have had 5 amazing girls actually show up to the gathering and I want to take this moment to give them a virtual hug :-)
So what was this House Party - Yellowtail wine featuring their Moscato, see what came in the kit over here. I applied for this opportunity through the House Party site and was just as surprised as you when I got the acceptance email. I have applied for a few different House Party's this year but haven't gotten one since last Christmas when I had my Kmart Christmas Party, and before that - the best House Party I have seen in a while the Fisher Price Joy of Learning House Party. The Fisher Price party had almost $200-$300 in toys ! Mind Blown ! Anyways for this particular aspect of the party we decided to have some fun with the wine and make a pitcher of our own homemade cocktail.

Girls Night In Cocktail -- Thank you Pinterest for the idea for this !

Yellowtail Moscato wine
Strawberry or Rasberry soda (generic brand is fine)
and a whole lot of Vanilla Vodka

Buddy let me tell you mmmhmm is was delicious !! I didn't really measure anything precises just kinda of winged it and when all else failed just added more wine to the mix :-)

The ipsy LashBash party pack was even better than I had expected ! With tons of samples and full sized goodies for me (the host) to keep they also sent along a boodle of samples to hand out to my guests !! Each girl left with a baggie filled with Benefit Cosmetics. My favorite item that came in this party pack is by far the star of the show - Benefit's They're Real Mascara - Check out my review post on the They're Real Mascara for more details. To keep entertained we played a "whats in your purse" game which got tons of laughs. Over I truly had a lovely evening and look forward to hosting another party soon :-)

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