Friday, September 6, 2013

My Bouq Has Arrived !!! - Flower Order Reveal

My The Bouq Co. flowers arrived yesterday afternoon :-) 
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How fricken gorgeous are these ????

This bouquet is the Desperado with Pink Roses and Purple Phlox 

Pictured above are how the bouquet arrived so safe and sound
Here are the care instructions and the pocket the stems were so perfectly preserved in

Funny story - these came before Mike came home yesterday. So I was able to get them all trimmed, vased up and upstairs next to my beauty station -- aka my vanity area before he got home too. So when he came up stairs and saw these gorgeous roses he got all a miff asking who the heck sent me such pretty flowers HAHA. Little did he know I had gotten them for myself :-) 

Click to enlarge

They have opened up so beautifully just over night already !
Left last night and Right this morning 

The perfect sister, mother, girlfriend or best friends birthday gift duo a bouquet from The Bouq Co. and a Diamond Candle !
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  1. These are stunning! I love how vibrant and gorgeous the roses are! The packaging seems to be well-crafted to keep them looking freshly picked and preserve them for a longer time!