Friday, September 6, 2013

Limited Edition POP Art Craze Collection by Wet n Wild ~ Color Icon Eye Shadow Trios

I was finally able to hunt these down ( 2 Walgreens and 3 towns later )
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Super vibrant and way out of my own and I am sure many of your normal comfort zones, I splurged and purchase one of each of these. Do I expect to use these everyday ? No, but they will for make for some fun theme looks, Halloween make-up or switching up my go-to boring mute brown crease transition color. 
From Top Left - Right, To Muse and Carouse, Hard Being The It Girl, A Regular At The Factory, Your 15 Minutes Aren't Up!, I'm Seeing Triples!, Three's A Party.  

 I'm Seeing Triples! & A Regular At The Factory
I like both of these, well pigmented & all matte - the blue in the 'A Regular At The Factory'  isn't  as pigmented as the others but is a fun blue jean blue.
To Muse and Carouse & Your 15 Minutes Aren't Up!
The top color of the 'To Muse and Carouse' is more of a peach in real life than a brown. The 'Your 15 Minutes Aren't Up!' is super bright, I love this one! Perfect for summer. I promise the yellow doesn't look creepy on the lids at all ! Which I admit I thought it might at first. 
 Hard Being The It Girl & Three's A Party
I have to say I am not impressed with the 'Hard Being The It Girl' trio. The soft yellow and baby pink didn't give as much pay off as I wanted them to. They are just OK highlight colors. I tried to use only those 3 shadows to do an eye look and, well yea, it was not pretty. As for the 'Three's A Party' I have not used this on the eyes yet but have been brain storming some funky Halloween / dark date night eye looks with it. 

Which trio is catching your eye the most?

There is also a partner nail polish Limited Edition Pop Art Collection too 
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