Friday, September 20, 2013

Have You Started Halloween Costume Shopping Yet ?

Dude - I have been thinking about Halloween since August haha !! I love dressing up with the kids and going out trick or treating. Hubby and I usually attend an adult Halloween party the weekend of (not actually on Oct 31st) but lets not talk about that .... ok ok I TOTALLY was a boob last year and took some of my medicines before going to our grown up Halloween party where hubby provided me with a few adult beverages -- it did NOT end well LOL. I swear I have never gotten sick from drinking before, since I don't drink to oblivion but let me tell you, it was bad haha ! This year I am volunteering as the DD !! Anyways back to the costumes, have you picked some out yet ?? I have been stalking Amazon hoping to score some good deals. 

Let me know what you find / like in the comments below :-)

Shop Amazon - Kids' Halloween Store

What we are contemplating being for Halloween : 

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