Monday, September 23, 2013

Freeman Facial Purifying Paper Mask Review

The other night I used the Freeman Facial Purifying Paper Mask with Star Fruit form my September ipsy Bag. It did end up feeling similar to those facial oil blotting papers, delicate and sopping wet with juicy goodness for my skin. Very refreshing and cooling however it looks super funky and didn't go over my eye area smoothly. The eye holes and literally round and the paper does not stretch or have any give to it. It also didn't go around my nose all the way either, boo.  After removing and patting in the left over serum - it said do not rinse - my face felt super soft and silky. All I needed for this to be perfect was some chilled cucumber slices on my eye balls and the kids not jumping all over me and it would have been great :-) 

I saw these being sold at my local supermarket for about $1.79 not bad for a one time use product I think ! I see that there are a bunch of  other types as well meaning charcoal mask, clay, peel off etc -- Although I do have a great peel off mask I and dieing to share with you guys so keep a look out for that review coming soon ! 

**I will also update this post when I try out the other two Freeman Paper Masks that came in my ipsy bag as well **
Let me know if you have tried Freeman facial products before or will be now looking for them next time you are at the market in the comments below :-)


  1. I just wanted to let you know that I tagged you in The Autumn Tag on my blog!

  2. Awesome :-) will go check it out now !