Monday, September 16, 2013

First Impression : The Original Beauty Blender

 This is one of those items that 'YouTube Made Me Buy It' - video of this TAG coming soon
*Video of First Impression at bottom of post*

I'll be honest the idea of spending $20 on a sponge blows my mind. Luckily I was able to purchase my Original Beauty Blender off Amazon - Fulfilled by Amazon for about $15 shipped! (Sold by Health and Beauty On-Line Store) Plus I used some credit I had earned from ExpoTV.
My first impression right off the bat was that the texture of the sponge is super soft and smooshie. It was a bit smaller than I expected but it plumped right up after becoming wet for the first time. 

My opinion : 

I made sure to use the recommended stippling motion while applying my liquid foundation. 
I did feel as though it blended and dispersed my foundation evenly across my face. 
I am super impressed with this sponge and totally recommend it !! 

Watch my video for the product demo and more info on this awesome sponge
Let me know if you own one of these sponges or would purchase on after reading this.

Update : Just saw this on 
I also used my Beauty Blender to apply my Tarte Amazonian clay finishing powder in bronze - bronze  which is essentially a regular bronzer to my cheeks a few times this week and love love love it !!! I am truly addicted ! I have cleaned it with the soap I mentioned in the video 3 times now with no issues !

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