Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Crayola: Create 2 Destroy - Dino Destruction Metropolitan Mayhem

I am grateful that I was set this kit from expotv through their free membership Tryology program. As always all opinions / results are that of my own. 

**Video at bottom of post**

The day this arrived in the mail my oldest kiddo, he is 5 yrs old, wasn't feeling to well and had been couped up in bed all day. I didn't think he would have much interest in checking this out but once he saw it, it was like a light bulb had just been turn on :-)
The play set is so super cool. First off it is about Dinosaurs and not zombies or army men shooting each other so right off the bat I am A O.K. with this. We then open it up to find 3 really nicely sized tubs of molding dough as well as two dino figurines, two molding strips and two volcanoes which flings the dough. I thought it was neat that every piece ie: the dino's, and the volcanoes each have hidden molding areas - very clever and  the kids had a blast discovering them. 
The molding dough isn't PlayDoh or MoonSand it is actually called Morphix. Grainy in texture but not sticky or lose this dough molds and comes out of the molds perfectly. Even I got in on the fun and was making little cars, buildings and other objects for the dinosaurs to destroy.
The dinosaurs are perfect size for little hands - not to big and clunky and not small or chincy. Another cute little feature is the bottom of the dino figures feet. Here you can see the bottoms actually have designs engraved in them so that when they destroy the buildings their is a track left behind. Also each dino has a bonus special feature of their own. The T-Rex's tail springs and the green one (yea not good with paleontology) shell pops up to reveal hidden molds for boulders. Once the kids discovered this they started making a ton of boulders, which they then placed on the volcanoes and flung at each other. I was worried at first but the Morphix kept its shape and didn't splat onto the floor making for easy and fast pickup once the fire fight seized.
 ^ In this picture you can see blue Morphix balls flying through the air !
Overall I think this set / kit / toy whatever you want to call it is pretty awesome ! Both my kids like playing with it and I don't mind it since it does not make a huge mess at all !!! The perfect kids birthday gift or holiday present.  

-- Update : This kit runs about $27.99 - $24.99 ( $24.99 at Target )  -- definitely worth it !!!

Watching this back and how the kids love to take over the convo has me literally LOL'd My 'OMG these kids' face is priceless -hashtag- what really happens when mommy tries to make a review video :-P

OH and I KNOW I totally botched the name of the product in the beginning !! It is called : Crayola's - Create 2 Destroy - Dino Destruction Metropolitan Mayhem 

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